The Most Popular Bakeries In Rome Italy

Popular bakery in Rome

There’s nothing quite like dropping by your neighborhood bakery in Rome to pick up freshly made bread, pastries and sweet snacks. Once you’ve selected your items you can either take them away or sit down and relax to enjoy the ambiance of the bakery. But there’s usually a lot more on offer than simply bread and pastries since Rome’s best bakeries often have on-site cafes, restaurants and even a fully stocked wine cellar!

To help you discover the finest bakeries in Rome, I have compiled 10 of the most exemplary bakeries for you to visit during your time in the Eternal City. These bakeries are very popular with the citizens of Rome. Of course, you may not be able to visit all 10, but you should certainly make the effort to visit a few because they really aren’t like what you’re probably used to at home!

The Most Popular Bakeries In Rome.

The following are the most popular bakeries in Rome:

Dagnino Pastry Shop And Café.

As the oldest Sicilian pastry shop in Rome, the Dagnino Pastry Shop And Café serve a delicious range of handmade pastries, bread, sweets and more. Some of the highlights on the menu include the delightful Sicilian Cassata, Sicilian Cannoli, Butter Aranciana, Rice balls and Arancina alla Norma.

You can either visit the store to eat in or take away as well as order products for delivery online. The cafe is open for breakfast and a la carte lunch but it also puts on a daily buffet and serves an evening aperitif. For special occasions, you can book the Dagnino Banqueting services which offer unique catering for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, office parties and celebrations.

Bakery Roscioli Pietro.

The Roscioli Bakery has been in operation for over 200 years, serving the neighborhood fine bread, pastries and gourmet food. With a bakery, restaurant, cafe and wine club, there’s much more to this local favorite than just a bakery! The freshly made bread, pastries, pizzas and cakes are absolutely divine and are all made using traditional Roman techniques.

If you’d like to have a meal in the restaurant you can choose from locally sourced dishes such as organic chicken, homemade porchetta and a wine list that has almost 3,000 different Italian and international labels. The bakery counter also sells more than 350 different types of cheeses, 150 different cured meats and a mouth-watering selection of mustards, pickles, sauces, oils and vinegars. But it’s not just Italian classics on the menu because the chef also sources interesting ingredients from overseas, including Scottish salmon, soft French cheeses, blue English cheeses and Spanish cured meats.

Antico Forno Roscioli.

Since 1972, the Antico Forno Roscioli has specialized in Roman bread, pastries, pizzas and Roman Focaccia, a flatbread that is seasoned with tasty herbs and olive oil. The pizza is cooked in a pan instead of an oven, a traditional Roman technique that you don’t find being used in many other places. This legendary bakery serves its visitors on-site but is also a major supplier of bread and pastries to some of the city’s best hotels and restaurants.

Some of the customer’s favorite takeaway items include the box of selected bread for sandwiches, the butter and anchovies kit, Colomba Pears and Chocolate and the Marche cheese pizza. If you’re arranging a special event and would like to impress your guests with delicious bread, cakes and pastries then you can book the team of expert bakers at Antico Forno Roscioli to help you out. They will make a personalized order for you and deliver it to you in a refrigerated van – ideal for corporate events, birthday parties and family celebrations.

Regoli Pasticceria.

The chefs at the lovely Regoli Pasticceria make some of the most exceptional cakes, sweets, tarts and artisan pastries in the city. Founded in 1916, this 100-year-old family-run bakery has arched ceilings and is just a short walk from Santa Maria Maggiore and the famous Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, in central Rome.

All of the ingredients are carefully selected and locally sourced by the chefs and are combined using authentic Roman techniques to produce some of the most delicious crème-based tarts and pastries you’re ever likely to taste! Some of the headlining items on the menu include the Chantilly Cream Mimosa with a fresh fruit medley, Almond tart with apricot jam and sour cherries and, for the sweet tooth, the indulgent profiteroles.


Located in the very heart of Rome, the Panella bakery has been serving more than 70 types of bread to the neighborhood for almost 100 years. As you approach the bakery you’ll smell the distinctive aromas of bread being cooked, so just follow your nose and you’ll be glad you did! With indoor and outdoor street front seating, you can order at the bar and enjoy your food with a coffee, beer or a glass of wine.

In the last 30 years, the bakery has also started catering to people with special eating requirements so there are plenty of gluten-free products to choose from. Some of Penalla’s outstanding products include, but are not limited to, Spring herb tartlets, Baklava, Austrian apple strudel and the finger-licking chocolate Sacher cakes. The bakery also makes a different special daily bread which is a great way to discover new types of bread that you hadn’t tried before.

Le Levain Roma.

Founded in 2014, Le Levain Roma serves everything from croissants to cakes, gourmet sandwiches to snacks and a delightful selection of homemade bread. This unique store combines the concepts of a traditional Roman bakery with a French Boulangerie, adapting its services to the modern cosmopolitan residents of Rome.

Every product is handmade from scratch using carefully sourced ingredients and expertise that can only come from passion and experience. Taking no shortcuts, the pastry and bread chefs produce an incredible selection of products. If you want a light meal you can order a Le Levain burger with a drink, a freshly made baguette, soup of the day, salad, stuffed Focaccia, quiche or the must-try stuffed croissant.

If you’re planning a special event Le Levain Roma also offers gourmet buffet catering and can even make you a customized wedding cake.

Forno Campo De Fiori.

Situated in central Rome, the Forno Campo de Fiori has been operating for over 30 years under the leadership of the chefs Mario, Dino and Fabrizio. All of the products are made using fresh ingredients and the finest olive oils and represent the very best of Rome’s culinary traditions.

Some of the options on the menu include sandwiches, pizza, walnut bread, raisin bread, sour cherry tart, cream and nut pie, ricotta cake and sweet biscuits. If you’d like a sandwich you can choose from a nearly infinite selection of fillings that range from Mortadella to Nutella! The bakery has a homely feel and the friendly staff are always ready to give you a few tips on the unmissable items on the menu.

Antico Forno Serpenti.

This elegant bakery is one of the Rione Monti neighborhood’s historic stores and serves an amazing range of delicacies, bread, biscuits, pizzas and even desserts. The bakery also has an on-site restaurant that has 1930s Retro décor and is open daily for breakfast and lunch.

Popular with both locals and tourists, all of the items are made in full view of the customers which means you can learn about the techniques that the chefs use in the making of these beautiful snacks and treats. Among the outstanding selection of products you simply have to try the Amaretti biscuits, Meringues, tarts and whole grain bread. The red and white pizzas are delicious and make a great lunch, as do the stuffed pizzas.

As well as an incredible menu, the bakery also hosts live music which is performed by students at the local Saint Louis College of Music. During the ‘Musical Aperitif’ events, the musicians play everything from jazz to pop, blues to rock and everything in between!

Bakery House ROMA.

The Bakery House is a smart cafe in a lovely neighborhood, just outside of the busy city center. Situated close to the Metro B Line, it’s the perfect place to have a snack or a light lunch during the day. Among the offerings on the menu, you can have pancakes and waffles, toast, bagels, cupcakes or an American-style brunch. There are also Italian classics such as Florentine-style eggs and authentic espresso to wash down your food.

If you’d prefer to eat at home, the Bakery House has partnered with Deliveroo, Just Eat and Glovo, all of which will deliver the order to your front door in a matter of minutes! This makes it a perfect choice if you don’t have time to drop by yourself allowing you to order your brunch from the comfort of home – definitely making this a bakery to have saved on your phone for lunchtime emergencies!

Pasticceria Boccione.

This remarkable Roman bakery has an equally amazing history. The bakery was opened more than 300 years ago and has been run by the same family ever since. However, during World War II the family had to flee persecution although, thankfully, following the end of hostilities they were able to return to their shop and restart their business selling magnificent breads, pastries and delicacies!

This Jewish-Roman store is one of the few bakeries in the city that exclusively sells Kosher cakes, tarts, pastries, biscuits and other delicious offers, including, of course, a whole range of Kosher pizzas. One of the favorites among locals are the Almond biscuits but the ricotta cherry pie is definitely worth a taste. So if you follow a Kosher diet then the Pasticceria Boccione is essential to know about if you want to buy freshly homemade bakery products while you’re in Rome.

Rome Has Great Bakeries.

Whether you’re living in Rome as an Expat or just passing through as a visitor, the city’s bakeries are the only place you should be buying your bread, pastries, tarts, pies and more. The quality of ingredients is far higher than you will ever find in a supermarket and the prices are incredibly reasonable.

Many of the bakeries also serve full meals at breakfast, lunch and sometimes host special evening Aperitif events with live music. The best bakeries in Rome have a fantastic atmosphere and a friendly community of regulars who always welcome new customers into the fold.

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