The Most Popular Car Dealerships In Milan

Milan Car Dealerships

Italian manufacturers produce some of the world’s most sought-after cars, including giant names such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Alpha Romeo, but for more everyday use Milan’s car dealerships have you covered. So whether you’re looking for a family estate, a small run-around car for the city commute or something a bit more sporty, make sure you start your search for a new vehicle in one of Milan’s most popular and trusted car dealerships.

The top dealerships not only buy and sell vehicles but they also rent cars for business and individual customers at excellent prices. When you rent a vehicle from a dealership you can be sure that it’s been well-maintained and has been properly checked before you pick up the keys.

Soccol Cars & Boats.

Soccol Cars & Boats is an up-market classic and sports car dealership that not only has a fantastic selection of luxury vehicles in its 3-storey showroom but the expert staff can even search for a specific model on your behalf on the wider market. From high-end BMWs, Porsches, Suzuki’s, Land Rovers and Lexus’s as well as vintage Harley Davidsons, Vespas and more, Soccol Cars & Boats are one of Milan’s premier car dealerships.

With over 60 years in the industry, the company has great connections and the know-how to deliver quality service when you purchase a car with them. All vehicles that you buy come with a full warranty so you can be sure that your classic or sports car will be ready to drive right out the door.

AutoVanti Milano.

The AutoVanti Penske Automotive dealership specializes in BMWs and sells new and used cars as well as running auctions for dealers. When you buy a BMW with AutoVanti you can fully configure the vehicle to suit your personal tastes and requirements and take advantage of various promotional offers that may be available at the time. The showroom also stocks the full range of MINI Coopers, including the popular MINI One, since the Rover Group sold the brand to the BMW group in 2001.

If you’re looking to rent a BMW, AutoVanti offers car hires to individuals, businesses and groups. Finally, if you’d prefer to browse the available models from the comfort of your home you can explore the complete selection in the online gallery. Don’t forget, you can customize any vehicle to change the color, interiors and many other aspects before you purchase it.

Ford VARCO Milano Centro.

As Milan’s leading Ford dealership, Ford VARCO Milano Centro sells new Ford vehicles to commercial customers and individuals. The dealership offers the full range of Ford vehicles and just to make sure you’ll enjoy owning the vehicle you can take any of the cars out for a test drive before you commit to buying it.

Ford VARCO sells petrol, diesel, fully Electric and Hybrid vehicles but in all cases, you’ll be surprised by the fuel efficiency of these vehicles – which is partly why they are so popular with commercial clients. One of the stand-out models that are currently on the forecourt is the 100% Electric Ford Mustang MACH-E SUV that is almost silent as it drives and has incredible power under the bonnet.

Once you’ve bought your Ford, if you ever want a tune-up or need repairs you can visit one of Ford VARCO’s workshops that are located in Milan and Rozzano. Each of the workshops provides every aspect of maintenance and servicing that you may need in the future. Lastly, if you already own a Ford vehicle, the dealership also buys used vehicles.

Lombardi Motori.

With more than 300 employees, 8 offices and more than 10,000 deliveries of new cars to customers each year, Lombardi Motori was originally founded by a Championship winner from the local soccer club, AC Milan. The dealership specializes in selling Volkswagen and Audi vehicles, all of which are highly versatile cars for families, couples and young professionals.

The dealership sells both new and used vehicles and after you’ve purchased a car it will be delivered directly to your home. Lombardi Motori covers the Milan, Monza-Brianza and Desio areas and provides top-quality after-sales services.

ProCar Srl Milan.

This Milan-based dealership sells new and used cars of all makes and models at prices to suit every budget. While the dealership’s prices are extremely competitive it’s worth noting that the selection of vehicles does vary from day to day as a result of the company’s business model. This means that if you’re searching for a car you may need to keep an eye on the website for several weeks before you find what you’re looking for.

Even so, ProCar Milan is the ideal option if you’re looking for a reasonably priced vehicle for everyday use. As well as selling a good selection of new and used cars, ProCar Milan also buys used vehicles. If you do want to sell your existing vehicle to help with the cost of buying a newer model, you can fill in the form on the website, to get a free evaluation.

Dealership Pechini SPA.

Founded in the 1960s, the Pechini dealership specializes in selling Renaults, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi and DACHA vehicles in its showroom. The dealership has a surprising range of models on offer including convertibles, coupes, station wagons and 4 and 5 door vehicles to name just a few. The dealership offers top-quality after-sales services and you can use the website to search for the vehicles that are available at the moment.

Easy-Car Milano.

Easy-Car Milano is your one-stop shop for hiring a vehicle in Milan. The company works with all of the top hire car companies in the area and allows you to easily search for a car and compare the prices across the different providers. You can hire either a manual or automatic vehicle but since automatic vehicles are rare in Italy the price to hire one is higher than if you opt for a manual vehicle instead.

ProCar Milano helps you to find the ideal hire car at the perfect price point from any one of its 25 suppliers. Some of the company’s most popular suppliers include Alamo, Sicily By Car, Maggiore, Eurocar and Locauto. The highest-rated suppliers based on past customer reviews are Eurocar, Locauto and Sicily By Car.

Toyota Sef Car.

Selling Hybrid, diesel and petrol Toyota vehicles, this dealership is the city’s top provider of new and used Toyota models. The dealership offers a fantastic range of maintenance services for its customers and has every type of Toyota accessory that you can imagine in stock. Each vehicle comes with a guarantee and if you need finance or insurance for your Toyota the dealership has some flexible options available.

AutoRigoldi SPA – SKODA.

This SKODA dealership sells all the most popular models and operates superb after-sales services that include brake fluid checks, engine maintenance and tire protection, among other crucial services. The dealership has an unbeatable selection of SKODAs on offer, all of which come with a full warranty.

The company’s website has a useful search feature that allows you to quickly check if the dealership has the model you are looking for in stock. If the precise model is not currently available, you can contact the dealership to find out if they can order the model for you to collect later.

AutoRigoldi SPA – Volkswagen.

As one of the city’s most trusted VW dealerships, AutoRigoldi sells new and used vehicles as well as offering customers financing options and the full range of after-sales services. There’s a good selection of models that are available including SUVS, city cars, sedans and estates making it the ideal dealership for anyone seeking a VW.

The dealership sells petrol, diesel, electric and Hybrid vehicles, all of which provide great fuel efficiency and a comfortable drive. You can visit the showroom to explore the cars on offer or search the company’s online gallery to see what’s currently in stock.

Autotorino SPA – BMW.

The Autotorino dealership in Milan sells new and used city cars, larger vehicles and commercial BMWs as well as buying used BMWs from individuals and businesses. The dealership provides excellent financing options that can be personalized to suit your requirements to help you spread the costs of the purchase.

The dealership’s used cars have all passed the strictest tests so you can be sure you’ll drive away with a quality vehicle. Finally, if your BMW needs a servicing check you can drop it off at the garage and return to collect it in a few days.


Providing all automotive services for Citroens including buying and selling new and used vehicles. Citroen, a French vehicle, is not always easy to purchase in Italy and so anyone looking for a Citroen in Milan should drop by the showroom. There’s a good choice of Citroens on offer that range from commercial vehicles to models that are suitable for day-to-day family use. AUTOMAGENTA provides customers with a choice of petrol, diesel, electric and Hybrid vehicles at prices that won’t break the bank.

OOYO – Milano.

OOYO is one of Milan’s best car comparison platforms where you can browse tens of thousands of used cars in your search for the perfect vehicle. Each month, OOYO advertises more than 1,000,000 cars that range from top-end luxury models to low-cost city cars, SUVs, jeeps, sedans, classic cars and everything in between.

The prices on OOYO are extremely affordable and offer you the chance to purchase a vehicle in Milan to suit your personal requirements and budget. The platform has an intuitive search function that allows you to select the year, model, brand, fuel type and price range of the vehicle to help you narrow down your search in seconds.

Milan Has Good Car Dealerships.

Whether you’re looking for a new or used car, it’s not always easy to find a good dealership. However, it’s vital to find a trusted dealership before you commit to purchasing a vehicle since the cost can be quite high as a proportion of your annual budget. Therefore, when you’re looking for a car in Milan, make sure you try one of the dealerships listed above before you search elsewhere.

Alternatively, if you want to save money on the purchase and risk driving away with a vehicle without a full warranty, you can opt to buy a second car from an online platform such as OOYO.

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