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Consumer electronics, also known as home electronics, have transformed the lives of billions of people around the world by making their everyday experiences more convenient, effective and hassle-free. Consumer electronics include items such as televisions, smartphones, computers and numerous household appliances.

Consumer electronics are bought for personal use as opposed to commercial use and include anything that is used for communication, entertainment and recreation. Consumer electronics also include house appliances such as vacuum cleaners, hair straighteners, digital cameras and almost any electrical item that you can think of that you use on a daily basis to improve your quality of life.

The Best Consumer Electronic Stores In Italy.

The following are the best and most popular consumer electronic stores in Italy. The list includes online stores and brick and mortar stores.


Originally founded as Media Markt in 1979 in Germany, the brand quickly grew its European market share and opened its first stores in Italy in 1991, in Bergamo under the MediaWorld banner. With continued innovation, excellent customer service and a good range of top quality products, the company experienced meteoric growth and is now one of Italy’s major consumer electronics retailers.

MediaWorld was an early adopter of the possibilities that the internet offered and in 1999 its online e-commerce store went live. However, the company retained its brick-and-mortar stores in Italy and although more people are shopping online you can still purchase everything you need in the physical stores.

MediaWorld sells a wide range of consumer electronics including smartphones, computers, laptops, gaming consoles and accessories as well as household appliances such as hair dryers, straighteners and much more besides. MediaWorld offers express repair services on electronics, including phones, and any repairs that are made come with a 24-month warranty. The company also provides a range of financing options so you can spread the cost of a purchase to help manage your budget.


Unieuro is one of Italy’s top consumer electronics retailers and has nearly 500 stores in the country. The company sells a great selection of household appliances, video games, cameras, video cameras, desktop computers, laptops and smartphones. You can also buy monitors, printers and wearable items such as smartwatches and telephone accessories.

Unieuro has been swallowing up market share in Italy and has ambitions to become the nation’s top retailer of consumer electronics. With popular brick-and-mortar stores and a fantastic online presence, Unieuro provides excellent products with reliable customer service and support.


Euronics was founded in 1999 and quickly gained a reputation for being one of Italy’s favorite consumer electronic retailers. Euronics primarily retail phones, TVs, gaming consoles and equipment as well as a great range of electronic home appliances including washing machines and other white goods.

Euronics is one of Europe’s largest electronic consumer stores and has more than 11,000 stores in almost 40 countries. Euronics has its largest market share in Germany, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and Spain but it’s also expanded its operations to cover numerous nations around the world.


Trony is an Italian consumer electronics retailer that was founded in Milan in 1996. The company has seen major growth in the last few decades and now has a large footprint throughout Italy. Trony sells a wide range of consumer electronics and household appliances including laptops, TVs, audio systems, games and cameras. They also sell top quality washing machines, ovens, refrigerators, coffee machines and kitchen appliances.

Trony stocks all the major brands so you can browse the best items on the market in one place. This helps you to compare the prices and specifications of consumer electronics and household appliances with ease so you can find the best deals that are available.


Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos and has rapidly grown from an online book selling platform to become one of the world’s largest providers of consumer electronics. As one of the most powerful and revolutionary brands of recent times, Amazon is firmly established in Europe and Italy and is one of the most reliable brands for any type of consumer electronics.

Amazon sells all the best consumer electronic brands and the catalog of items is one of the most impressive on the market. You can buy any consumer electronic item on the platform and have it quickly delivered to your home address. From smartphones to TVs, vacuum cleaners to gaming consoles and every household appliance in between and more, Amazon is a fantastic resource for anyone living in Italy.

Amazon also manages a wide range of other services including On Demand Streaming Services and sells books, clothing and anything you need to make life more convenient. Some of Amazon’s most successful recent offerings include the Alexa and Echo as well as the Fire Tablets and Fire TVs. Essentially, no matter what you’re looking for in consumer electronics, Amazon has got you covered and delivers top quality items at prices that are hard to match.


Apple is a huge multinational technology company that was founded in the late 1970s by the visionary Steve Jobs. Headquartered in California, Apple has expanded its operations to cover the entire globe, including Italy. Apple is a highly trusted brand that produces some of the highest quality consumer electronics on the market.

Apple designs and manufactures a wide range of consumer electronics including smartphones, tablets, computers and a fantastic selection of associated accessories. Apple also specializes in high tech wearables, such as watches and Airpods, which perform multiple functions to help you improve your daily life.

Apple’s biggest selling product, which actually makes up around 50% of its total revenue, is the Apple iPhone. However, Apple’s iPad, Beats products and HomePods are also big successes.

Apple is one of Italy’s premier consumer electronics stores where you can be sure to find well-made products and although the prices can be a little steep, the high quality products are more than worth the price tag.


COMET is based in the UK and retails a superb range of low to middle-priced consumer electronics, white goods and household appliances. Despite the extremely competitive prices the quality of products is very high which has helped the brand to establish a strong presence in Italy.

COMET primarily sells computers, laptops, gaming consoles and accessories as well as a reasonable selection of the latest smart tech. You can also purchase smartwatches, fitness trackers and smart health tech, household security monitoring devices and even electric scooters.


Expert is an international electronics retailer that was founded in Switzerland but now operates throughout Europe and beyond. Expert is one of Italy’s major electronics retailers and sells a huge range of household electronics and appliances including computers, laptops, smart TVs, audio systems and gaming accessories as well as both large and small appliances.

Expert also stocks a massive selection of garden appliances such as barbecues, outdoor heating systems and garden power tools. The company retails effective security appliances, such as alarms, cameras and bells as well as outdoor living solutions and healthy living appliances.


Dell is a large American consumer electronics company that was established in 1984 by Michael Dell in Austin, Texas. Today, Dell is the 3rd largest vendor of personal computers and specializes in computers, printers, digital cameras, computing accessories and HDTVs. Dell also retails a large catalog of electronics that are manufactured by other companies so you have a great choice of items to select from.


The Hewlett-Packard company, better known simply as HP, is a global consumer electronics giant that designs and manufactures some of the best printers, scanners, digital cameras and calculators in the world. HP also sells desktops, laptops, tablets and a whole range of versatile software solutions.

Founded more than 80 years ago, the company has undergone huge changes as the consumer electronics sector was revolutionized over and over again by newly emerging technologies. However, despite the rapidly changing face of consumer electronics, HP has retained its position as one of the leading retailers of computers, printers, digital cameras and related accessories. In line with the latest possibilities in consumer electronics, HP is also moving into the 3D printing market, a sector that could have a hugely disruptive impact on manufacturing.

Consumer ELECTRONICS – Essential Part Of Modern Life.

Whether you’ve recently moved to Italy or have been living abroad for a long time, you’re bound to need to purchase reliable, high quality and moderately priced consumer electronics to live life to the fullest. Fortunately, Italy has a thriving consumer electronics sector so it’s easy for you to find and purchase anything you might need.

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