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English language schools in Milan play a vital role in the lives of local Italians and visitors from overseas. The English language is widely spoken internationally and is essential to learn for students who wish to study, work abroad or live in countries such as the United States, India, Canada, the United Kingdom or Australia.

Learning English to a professional standard opens up fantastic career opportunities, both internationally and within Italy. However, learning English on your own can be extremely difficult but when you take classes with a qualified teacher your progress will be much quicker and you’ll also be able to perfect the accent.

Who Studies At An English Language School In Milan?

Most Italians learn English to a relatively good standard at public school but to achieve a more fluent and cohesive linguistic skill set extracurricular courses are usually needed. Learning English to a higher level improves the student’s career potential and allows them to communicate clearly with a much wider audience.

As a result, many parents of Italian students send their children to English language schools during the summer holidays to attend courses that are designed to quickly improve fluency, grammar and vocabulary.

However, many adults also attend English courses to improve their career options, particularly if they are working for large multinational companies with offices all over the world. Another example of Italians who attend English classes are those who work in sectors such as hospitality which frequently deal with guests who don’t speak Italian but can speak English.

Following are some of the most popular English language schools in Milan:

My English School Milan Cadorna.

With multiple campuses in Milan, the Cadorna campus provides a fantastic environment for learning English with a great deal of flexibility for students and adults. This means you can easily fit your studies around other commitments to create a timetable that suits you.

Using the MySmart English teaching method, the school creates a fully immersive experience, including ‘real life’ conversational practice that allows students to use what they learn in authentic situations. With native English-speaking teachers leading every class, the small classes mix on-site and online lessons to create a personally tailored curriculum that perfectly meets the students’ needs.

The school also offers intensive courses to help students reach their goals more quickly as well as targeted courses to prepare students to pass a particular English exam. To get you started, My English School Milan Cadorna offers 3 free lessons for every newly enrolled student.

I.L.S. International Language School.

Operating since 1976, the I.L.S. International Language School teaches a whole range of European and non-European languages, including English. With highly qualified teachers and up-to-date teaching methods that incorporate modern technology, students can choose to learn individually, in group classes or in regular workshops.

There are also E-learning courses, Telelanguage classes and curriculums designed for companies available at the school. You can select from classes that are designed for business purposes, travel or just simply to improve your fluency, vocabulary and communication skills.

Madrelingua Corner – IELTS Milano.

With in-person and online courses as well as private English Sports camps and opportunities to study abroad, the Madrelingua Corner – IELTS Milano has something for everything. The courses are designed to be extremely practical to allow students to communicate in a whole range of situations, including personal and professional life.

You can tailor your courses to fit in with your current skills and choose your hours to help you fit the classes into your own weekly schedule. The school runs intensive courses as well as courses that are targeted to help you pass upcoming exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, DUOLINGO and more.

EF – Corsi Di Inglese All’Estero.

This language school specializes in arranging and managing English courses and learning experiences abroad. By studying abroad in an English-speaking country such as the United States, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Australia or Canada, you will quickly improve your grammar, proficiency and communication skills. By interacting on a daily basis with native English speakers, students quickly build up their confidence and learn to communicate in a huge variety of authentic daily situations.

Studying abroad offers an exciting opportunity for students preparing for university in a foreign country, young adults seeking to improve their English for professional purposes and anyone who wishes to truly immerse themselves in the language and culture of another country. The overseas English courses combine regular English lessons with lots of free time that allows you to make friends, take part in pre-arranged activities or simply practice your language skills in the daily life of an English-speaking country.

British School Group – Milan Concilliazione.

Employing only fully qualified native English-speaking teachers, the British School Group specializes in teaching adults, teenagers and children. There’s a range of courses on offer at the school including individual lessons, intensive courses, conversation classes and refresher courses. For children and teenagers, there are also group courses and English summer schools each year.

Before you start your learning, you’ll have to take a placement test to determine your level of English so you can be placed in the class that is most suitable for you. The British School Group is accredited by the respected MIUR and is officially authorized to take Cambridge exams. This means you can prepare for IELTS, TOEFL or the Cambridge exam as well as other certifications at the school.

There are also online courses available for students of the school which you can combine with in-person classes or take in isolation in a distance learning format.

Open Minds.

Open Minds English language school in Milan has top-quality native-speaking teachers that tutor adults, teenagers and children in a vibrant atmosphere that brings out the very best in each student. There are specialized courses for children, teenagers and adults as well as teacher training classes and a large choice of online lessons to choose from.

Although the school has fantastic classes for adults, the lessons for children and teenagers, from the age of 5 and up, are exceptionally good. The classes for younger learners are conducted in a fun, interactive and playful way that really helps children and teenagers feel comfortable while they learn a new language – something which can be very daunting for younger learners.

ebmethod – Corsi Inglese Milano Bambini Ragazzi Adulti.

This bespoke Milanese English language school runs superb classes for children, teenagers and adults as well as special courses for companies and professionals. For younger students, the school manages a great selection of study holidays in which the learners can deeply immerse themselves in their studies while enjoying a wide range of activities and unique learning experiences.

As well as more traditional classes, the school also runs courses for adults who are training to be interpreters and translators. These courses focus on high-level grammar and vocabulary in a multitude of fields.


Located just a short walk from the famous Piazza Gae Aulenti in central Milan, the WorldBridge school provides students with an excellent range of on-site classes and online courses. The online courses are particularly good for students who want to study part-time while creating a 100% customizable curriculum to meet their personal requirements.

The WorldBridge school offers classes for companies, in-person or remotely, as well as a full range of translation services in numerous languages including English, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Spanish.

Wall Street English.

With 3 campuses in central Milan, Wall Street English teaches classes with a particular focus on professional career advancement for adults and younger learners. Some of the specialized courses include English for Business, English for your Studies, English for your Career and English for your Certifications. As well as these broader courses, the Wall Street English language school also runs courses that are designed for specific professions, including English for Doctors and English for Journalists.

Wall Street English primarily teaches classes that are geared toward career-minded students which makes it a unique group of schools in Milan. This makes it the ideal school for those who want to improve their academic potential, travel abroad or work in business around the world.


Operated by Raffy, an impeccably qualified native English speaker, these one-on-one classes allow students to learn in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. The philosophy of English360 is to tailor each course to every student in order to meet their personal objectives.

English360 runs an excellent range of courses including conversational English, professional development, certification preparation and a broader course that allows students to learn academic and general English. The courses are all designed to help students use English to travel, communicate and develop their careers with greater confidence and skill.

Learning English Can Open Up Amazing New Horizons For You.

There are many benefits of learning any new language however some languages provide more direct utility, career advancement and opportunities than others. English is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, particularly in the fields of business, academia and hospitality. As a result, learning English to the highest level possible is extremely advisable for anyone of any age.

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