The Most Popular Free Gaming Apps In Italy

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There are always moments in the day when it’s great to sit back, relax and play a game to pass the time or to take your mind off the worries of the world for a while. Free gaming apps have become hugely popular and recent estimates suggest that more than 2.5 billion people around the globe were regularly playing video games in one form or another in 2020.

Free gaming apps can be downloaded on your mobile phone, computer or tablet device and allow you to play a game without paying any upfront fees or subscriptions. However, in many cases, you may have to pay to unlock extra features, levels or premium content. Even so, the format allows you to ‘try before buy’ and as a business model, it’s been hugely successful.

The Most Popular Free Gaming Apps In Italy.

Italians are renowned for respecting their heritage and traditions but this doesn’t mean that they don’t keep up with the times when it comes to technology! In fact, research has shown that in 2021 around 35% of Italians played video games, which is to say more than 15 million people.

Chess – Learn And Play.

The timeless game of chess has an eternal appeal for anyone who wants to improve their mental acuity while enjoying a high intensity strategy game. This free chess app has massive functionality and allows players to challenge each other or play against a computer at a wide range of difficulty levels. Italians love playing chess and the Italian Game is one of the most popular openings in Chess.

The app includes an excellent series of lessons and over 350,000 chess puzzles to help you improve your gameplay. But with more than 100 million players from around the world, you’ll always be able to find a human opponent to play with on the platform.

The chess board graphics are 3D and the app hosts over 10 million games of chess per day! If you’d prefer to play against a computer there are more than 100 different computer opponents to choose from, each of which has its own unique tactics and way of playing the game. This gives you a great simulation of playing a human player but because you can set the difficulty level you’ll be in control of how challenging the match will be.

This chess app is the perfect way to relax on your commute to work or to play in the evening while you wait for your dinner to cook. Of course, if you really want to hone your chess skills then the massive library of puzzles and lessons on the app is exactly what you need to unlock your inner chess Grandmaster.

Clash Royale.

Clash Royale is a free strategy gaming app that was originally launched in 2016 but has remained hugely popular in Italy and throughout the rest of Europe. The game is a mixture of a collectible card game, a multiplayer online combat arena and a classic tower defense game. These elements are combined to create a highly strategic and fluid game that will certainly keep you entertained!

The main objective of the game is to storm your opponents’ towers and destroy their defenses. As you defeat various enemies you accrue points that can be used to upgrade your own offensive abilities as well as your own tower defenses. The game is played with either 2 or 4 players and despite the relatively simple premise, the action is incredibly engaging. Each match lasts 3 minutes so you’ll have to think fast and be able to quickly adapt your plans as new situations arise.

Players in the game are ranked based on how many trophies they have won during multiplayer matches and as you progress you can level up in the app’s competitive matchmaking system. There are a total of 21 arenas as well as a Training Camp tutorial area. Overall, this gaming app is great fun, fast paced and requires good strategic planning to win the most trophies.

Clash Of Clans.

Clash of Clans has been a much-loved free-to-play gaming app since 2012 when it was launched by the renowned developer Supercell. The game has a fantasy theme and a persistent world in which you play as the chief of a village. Your task is to build up your own village using the resources and materials that you can obtain by attacking the villages of other clans on the map. You will also need troops to attack the stronger villages which you can build up using the rewards and medals that you win throughout the game. The main resources on the map include elixir, dark elixir, gold and gems.

One of the features that make Clash of Clans so enjoyable is that players can team up to create larger clans. The maximum size that your clan can be is 50 players but don’t forget the larger your clan grows the harder it is to manage your strategy! Clans of players can participate in the legendary Clan Wars as well as donate troops to each other. There is also a chat feature so you can communicate with your fellow clan members in real-time as the game proceeds.

Brawl Stars.

This classic online multiplayer battle arena game was developed by Supercell and first published in 2018. You play as a third-person hero in the fast paced, highly entertaining shooter game that has several different game modes, each with its own objectives. When you play you can choose between a range of ‘brawlers’ that you control with an on-screen joystick while they battle it out.

In the arena, you can either play against other human players or against AI opponents in each of the game modes. As you progress through the matches you can choose new brawlers that you have unlocked that have different attributes and abilities. Alternatively, you can shop for new brawlers in the store.

As well as earning new brawlers to fight with you can also purchase new skins using Star Points, Coins or Gems that you gain during gameplay. These upgrades can change the brawler’s appearance, sounds, effects and animations.

Essentially, this is a hell-for-leather arena game that is highly addictive and great fun to play in those quieter moments during the day.


Roblox has really taken the world by storm and Italy was not immune to its magnetic popularity. With over 150 million global active users Roblox is a superb game that is enjoyed by people of all ages. Roblox is free-to-play although you can pay for extra features and to unlock additional aspects of the game.

First released in 2006, the platform hosts a wide range of genre games including role-playing, racing games, first-person shooter games and simulation games. In addition to exploring an endless virtual world, players can communicate with other players through an in-game chat system and join up with groups to play games together.

Players can customize their avatars with a massive selection of accessories, clothing and other items. These avatar upgrades can be purchased by using Robux – the platform’s virtual currency. To get Robux you can either earn it during gameplay or purchase it using real world money.

Overall, Roblox is an extremely creative and enjoyable app that allows players to delve into a wide range of games while chatting with friends and other players.

Candy Crush Saga.

This free-to-play puzzle game was first released in 2012 on Facebook but has since been released on all major operating systems. The game rapidly gained popularity and soon became a genuine global phenomenon! In Candy Crush Saga, players need to match three or more candies of the same color by swapping around adjacent candies on a board that is filled with obstacles and challenges. The ultimate goal of each level is to get a certain score or to complete a particular objective, such as collecting special candies or clearing all the jellies away.

Candy Crush Saga is divided into different levels which players must progress through. The game has features such as boosters, special moves and various types of candy that can help players to complete a level. There are several different types of game modes which include the classic Candy Crush mode in which players progress through the levels and a timed challenge mode where you must complete each level within a certain amount of time.

The game also has daily challenges, social features and leaderboards. Although Candy Crush Saga is free you can also purchase in-game currency and boosters to help you get through the tricky levels more quickly.

Stumble Guys.

Stumble Guys is a classic multiplayer battle royale game that was first released in 2020 by Kitka Games to great acclaim. The game is available on both iOS and Android operating systems. Players compete against each other in a range of obstacle courses that get harder as the game goes on. The main objective is to be the last player standing by avoiding all the dangerous obstacles and outlasting the other players. You can play the game for free but to unlock the entire potential of the game you will need to pay.

In each match up to 32 players can join in and play in real-time, navigating insane courses full of obstacles such as spinning platforms, moving walls and rotating hammers. Any player who doesn’t make it through the course is eliminated from the game while the others continue on to face the tougher challenges ahead.

Players in Stumble Guys can get power-ups and boosts that they can use to obtain a temporary advantage over their opponents. For instance, a boost can be used to outpace your opponents while a shield can be used to protect yourself from a dangerous obstacle. During the game, you can also customize your avatar with lots of different costumes, colors and hats.

One of the best features of the app is its physics-based gameplay which gives the matches randomness and unpredictability that is hugely entertaining. The game has a super cheerful soundtrack and pretty unique graphics that, all in all, make Stumble Guys a fantastic gaming app.

Take A Break And Unwind With A Top Tier Gaming App.

We all have moments in the day when we just want to unwind and spend a little time playing a game. From a relaxing game of chess to an action-packed arena battle royale, with the massive selection of gaming apps on the market, there’s bound to be something which is just right for you.

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