The Most Popular Italian Carry-On Luggage Brands

Carry On Luggage

Carry-on luggage, also known as cabin luggage or hand luggage, refers to the bags, backpacks, handbags or small cases that you are allowed to bring with you into the seating cabin of the plane. Packing carry-on luggage allows you to bring essential items with you onto the plane without having to check them into the main baggage hold.

Bringing carry-on luggage with you means that you can keep all your tickets, wallet, electronic devices and other basic items with you that you don’t want to be parted with during your journey. Some people who like to travel light only bring a small carry-on bag with them on their travels, however for most people, their carry-on luggage is just a convenient way to keep their most important items with them at all times.

Carry-on Luggage Size To Italy.

Carry-on luggage is stored underneath your seat or in the overhead lockers during the flight. Therefore, it’s essential to know that there are always limits to the size and weight of the carry-on luggage that you are allowed to take with you onto the plane.

It can often be a bit confusing because the precise dimensions of carry-on luggage vary between different countries and airlines. Even so, as a rough guideline, you can take carry-on luggage that weighs between 7 to 10 kg, or 15 to 22 pounds into the cabin with you. For the Air Italy airline, the maximum weight of luggage is 8 kg or 17 pounds. The maximum size for carry-on luggage on Air Italy is 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

If you do try to check in to your flight with carry-on luggage that is far too big then you will have to put it in the plane’s hold and may even need to pay an extra fee. So always make sure you check with the airline before you pack your bags to ensure that your carry-on luggage does not exceed the maximum weight or dimensions for the flight.

The Most Popular Italian Carry-On Luggage Brands.

The following are the most important Italian carry-on luggage brands:


Roncato is a fantastic luggage brand that sells suitcases and luggage in all shapes and sizes, including a lovely collection of ultra-light carry-on luggage. The company produces high-quality luggage that is suitable for long and short trips and retails at prices to suit every budget. Roncato luggages are Made in Italy.

The refined carry-on luggage comes in a range of different colors and sizes. The carry-on luggage has a strong, scratch-resistant polycarbonate outer shell so your precious items won’t get broken in transit. The cases also have smooth running wheels so you won’t have to worry about carrying your cabin luggage around the airport with you.

Bric’s Milano.

With over 60 years of experience in the luggage industry, Bric’s Milano designs and manufactures a superb selection of carry-on luggage for the discerning traveler. As well as larger bags which are ideal for checking into the plane’s hold, Bric’s Milano offers a sophisticated collection of carry-on trolleys, handbags, shoulder bags, backpacks and briefcases. There are also trolley covers, wallets, key cases and other useful travel accessories to complement your carry-on luggage.

Tucci Italy.

Tucci Italy is a celebrated contemporary luggage brand that has a fantastic selection of travel accessories, suitcases and cabin luggage in every shape and size you can imagine. The small wheeled cases have a tough outer casing and are designed to fit comfortably under your seat or in the overhead locker of the aircraft. Fusing the latest technology with high-quality materials to produce superb carry-on luggage, Tucci Italy’s mission is to make your travel experiences as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

FPM Milano Bank.

FPM Milano is a popular leather goods and luggage company that was founded in the 1940s and is famous for its creative interpretations of traditional luggage design. Beloved for an Italian flair that runs through each and every design, FPM Milano’s Bank collection is truly unique.

The Bank suitcases are a handmade collection that is inspired by the design of avant-garde Bohemian-style trunks. These carry-on cases are the ideal choice for the modern nomad who loves to travel in style. As well as exuding a sophisticated elegance they are tough, durable and designed to meet the size requirements for carry-on luggage on most airlines.


As one of Italy’s best-known carry-on luggage brands, Carpisa creates a superb range of travel trolley cases and hand luggage that is super lightweight, scratch resistant and conveniently designed for the contemporary traveler. In the carry-on luggage collection, Carpisa makes travel duffel bags, trolley cases and sporty weekend bags.

You can select from soft luggage or hard case trolleys to suit your personal preferences. All the materials that are used in the manufacturing process are carefully chosen to be non-toxic, highly resistant and lightweight.


The perfect meeting of luxury and practical elegance, Paoli’s collection of carry-on luggage has a retro feel that combines expert craftsmanship with top-quality materials. Incorporating refined leatherwork and unique designs, Paoli’s carry-on luggage makes a real statement. All of the luggage on offer is 100% Made in Italy so you can be sure of its quality and style as you browse the brand’s collections.

Glamorous, sophisticated and well-made, each of the products in the Paoli collections can be personally customized although you can also buy ready-made carry-on cases if you find what you’re looking for in the extensive catalog.


Founded in 1981, Tucano is one of Italy’s top luggage manufacturers. Creating highly durable and convenient bags, backpacks, tablet cases, iPad cases and much more, Tucano has all your travel needs covered. With specially designed carry-on rucksacks, sturdy trolley laptop cases and solid trolley cases, Tucano combines the best of protection with understated elegance in their products.

As well as more conservative designs, Tucano also produces a selection of bright, vibrant cases and carry-on bags which are perfectly suited to a vacation in the sun. The versatile travel bags and accessories are moderately priced so you won’t break the bank when selecting the ideal carry-on luggage for your next trip abroad.


Piquadro produces highly functional, stylish and refined suitcases and carry-on luggage that is designed for both men and women. The company manufactures excellent backpacks, luggage, leather bags, accessories and carry-on luggage. Using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, Piquadro makes elegant cabin luggage that is suitable for business and frequent travelers.

Durable, great value for money and designed to meet the needs of the modern traveler, Piquadro has carry-on luggage that is ideal for any modern traveler. The company also incorporates some amazing innovations in its suitcase designs. For instance, you can buy Piquadro suitcases that communicate via an App to your phone to alert you if the suitcase has been moved too far away or gets lost.


Gucci is a giant in the luxury fashion world that produces superb apparel, leather goods, jewelry, watches, travel bags and accessories. Having largely defined the leading fashion trends in the 21st Century, the brand is best known for its eclectic design work, excellent craftsmanship and unwavering attention to the style and detail of everything it creates.

The company has a fantastic collection of carry-on suitable duffle bags and cases that are designed for men, women and unisex tastes. Ever elegant and highly recognizable, Gucci is undoubtedly one of the top carry-on luggage manufacturers in Italy.

Alviero Martini.

Creating top-of-the-range leather goods, travel accessories and carry-on luggage, Alviero Martini was founded in 1987 by Alviero Martini, an up-and-coming costume designer. Inspired by antique maps of faraway places, he decided to launch a travel brand that incorporated map themes in his designs. These bags and cases can be found in Alviero Martini’s beautiful GEO collection.

However, over the years the company has branched out to produce a huge range of bags and carry-on luggage for both men and women. Alviero Martini initially gained fame for their PVC-coated cotton and leather cases which are strong and weather resistant and was decorated with hand-painted prints. Today, the company has a lovely choice of carry-on luggage that is aesthetically appealing, versatile and long-lasting.


Founded in the 1930s, Valextra is a luxury luggage brand that produces a delightful collection of elegant and stylish leather bags, handbags, suitcases and more. The Milanese company also offers a great choice of versatile ‘micro’ bags that include belt bags and crossbody leather satchels.

These micro bags are perfect for keeping your passport, tickets and mobile phone safe with you during your journey. There are also some fantastically chic leather bags that wouldn’t look out of place at the Milan Fashion Week but are still extremely practical, durable and made to last.

Valextra produces bags that are suitable for men and women as well as unisex travel accessories, shoulder bags and crossbody carry-on luggage. Valextra primarily specializes in small, stylish and convenient carry-on luggage and bags that are small enough to qualify as carry-on luggage with any airline.

Carry-On Luggage Makes Your Trip More Comfortable.

Having a small carry-on bag or case with you during your trip can make all the difference to your experience. With a few essential items, including your passport, tickets, wallet, electronic devices, vital medications and some extra clothing, your trip will be much less stressful – even if you get delayed at the airport or face other complications along the way.

Don’t forget, it’s always important that you check with the airline in advance to make sure that your carry-on luggage is within the size limits so you won’t have to put it into the hold of the plane at the last moment!

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