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Knitwear From Italy

Italian knitwear is famous for its intricate craftsmanship, stylish designs and timeless appeal. The super competitive Italian knitwear market includes huge names such as Missoni and Armani as well as lesser-known brands that have emerged more recently.

There’s a dizzying variety of knitwear on offer from Italy’s top brands, and something to suit every taste and style. Whether you’re a fashion guru looking for an iconic statement piece or you just want something cozy for everyday use, Italy’s premier knitwear brands have got you covered. So let’s dive into the world of knitwear and unravel the best Italian brands from the rest.


Founded in 1953, Missoni is a giant in the Italian fashion industry and is particularly renowned for its stylish collections of knitwear. Using the finest materials, including wool, cashmere, lame and cotton, Missoni is famed for its brightly colored zig-zag patterns and detailed design work.

The exciting mixture of textures and patterns in Missoni’s knitwear collections makes the items instantly recognizable, so if you really want to make a splash it’s a great brand to shop with. Missoni produces delightful knitwear for both men and women in a wide range of styles, including cardigans, sweaters and more.

And, as a credit to the legendary Italian brand’s ongoing vision, despite 70 years, and counting, it remains at the forefront of the competitive fashion industry. And so whichever item of Missoni knitwear you choose, you can be sure it will never go out of vogue.


Malo produces lovely collections of luxury knitwear and although the brand has often been overlooked in the past it’s been enjoying much wider recognition of late. Launched in 1972 as a cashmere brand, Malo managed to break into the industry thanks to its intricately woven knitwear. Malo primarily uses cashmere and wool in its knitwear which makes the items super cozy, soft and warm. The timeless Malo collections are highly versatile and designed for everyday use and special occasions.

Malo makes knitwear for men and women in a contemporary range of styles and designs that includes plain crew necks, turtlenecks, and various items that incorporate subtle features and detailing. Always easy to layer with other clothes, a Malo top is perfect for your winter wardrobe, especially the delightful cashmere turtleneck sweaters.

Sartoria Vico.

Sartoria Vico is a Milanese brand that specializes in meeting the wardrobe needs of the self-confident, modern woman. With a contemporary, feminine collection of beautifully finished knitwear, the items are designed to bring out the natural curves and shapes of the female form in an alluringly sophisticated manner.

Certainly a brand like no other, Sartoria Vico is bold and never afraid to combine exciting contemporary trends with classically minimalist cuts. With a great selection of superbly crafted knitwear on offer, you can find everything from brightly colored striped tops to elegant collared sweaters for daily use, and even cozy round-neck, baggy-legged jumpsuits.

Artknit Studios.

Artknit Studios is based in Biella, the Italian capital of wool, and produces exquisite 100% natural knitwear for men and women. Specializing in creating ethically sourced and sustainable knitwear, Artknit Studios only work with natural materials and obtain all their wool from non-mulesed sheep. The brand also sells its items in plastic-free packaging to reduce the impact on the environment.

Each item is made to last and is designed in an understated style that will never go out of fashion. For women, the delightful polo shirts and ribbed cardigans are elegant and chic while the men’s lightweight sweaters and shirts are a must-have in every autumn wardrobe. Ideal for layering, Artknit Studios creates knitwear that is practical, versatile and durable enough to wear every day.

Gran Sasso.

Gran Sasso was established in 1952 near the tiny town of Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata, on the border between Abruzzo and Marche. The family-run business produces up-market knitwear that is exclusively made in Italy using only top-quality natural yarns. Gran Sasso makes a fantastic selection of apparel for both men and women, including top-of-range knitwear.

Chic, flattering and forever in fashion, Gran Sasso’s knitwear is suitable for men and women of all ages and tastes. From ribbed cardigans to sophisticated polo necks and zip-up sweaters, the range of knitwear is perfect for your spring and autumn season wardrobe. Of course, you can also layer your Gran Sasso knitwear and wear it underneath a statement jacket in the depths of winter. The highly durable, intricately woven knitwear offers superb value for money and will last you many years of frequent use.

Brunello Cucinelli.

As one of Italy’s premier luxury fashion brands, Brunello Cucinelli’s beautiful knitwear collections use the finest natural yarns that incorporate materials such as cashmere, cotton and wool, as well as linen and silk. The brand produces excellent knitwear for both men and women and repeatedly set the trends in the industry.

In the women’s collections, some of the highlights include cashmere cardigans and sweaters, sleeveless embroidered vests, striped polo neck sweaters and ultra-chic wool, cashmere and silk sweaters. In the men’s collections, the cashmere knit vest, polo-style sweater and the Nordic Jacquard cardigan really stand out from the crowd.

Undoubtedly one of the finest knitwear brands on the planet, Brunello Cucinelli uses traditional Italian techniques and the finest materials in the industry. Each item is super comfortable and is really made to last.


Armani is one of the biggest names in fashion and creates a vast array of apparel, accessories, jewelry and more. But one of the aspects of Armani’s collections that isn’t so talked about on the catwalk is the magnificent selection of knitwear for men and women. Armani’s knitwear combines the best of modern trends in fashion with tup-market traditional Italian craftsmanship.

With an incredibly diverse collection of knitwear on offer for men and women, you’ll be bound to find exactly what you need. The men’s collection includes lightweight sweaters and hoodies, long-sleeved T-shirts and heavier virgin-wool sweaters that are ideal for those icy winter mornings. In the women’s collection’s knitwear collection, you’ll find ultra-chic boat-neck tops with vibrant graphic designs, understated pure cashmere jumpers, cardigans and more. Always providing classic elegance and up-to-minute style, Armani’s knitwear is a must-have for any fashionista.


Scaglione is a wonderful family-run brand that produces some of the best knitwear in Italy. Originally founded in 1966 by the flamboyant Renato Scaglione and his wife, Celsa, the brand uses traditional artisan weaving techniques to create a magnificent range of knitwear for men and women.

In the women’s collection, there’s a great selection of turtle neck and round neck sweaters that are super warm and cozy. In the men’s range, you’ll find cashmere hoodies, sweaters and even hybrid knitwear tracksuit-style trousers. Offering customers a lovely combination of timeless elegance and modern sophistication, Scaglione is perfect for day-to-day wear as well as for layering with other apparel during the winter months.

Italy Has Great Knitwear Brands.

Timeless, sophisticated and ideal for layering, Italian knitwear is an essential element for anyone’s spring, autumn and winter wardrobe. Italian knitwear brands only source the finest materials and use some of the best production techniques in the industry, combining modern technologies with traditional artisan methods. Soft, ultra-comfortable and surprisingly durable, top-quality Italian knitwear offers superb value for money and will instantly give you an authentic air of classy style.

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