The Most Popular Italian Micro Electric Scooter Brands

Italian E Scooter Brands

Micro Electric Scooter’s are sometimes known as micro e-scooters, or micro mini e-scooters. If you’ve visited a major Italian city recently you might have been surprised to see a vast array of electric scooters, mopeds and micro-scooters gliding through the streets. Italy has always been at the very forefront of environmental movements, famously birthing the organic Slow Food Movement in the 1980s. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that Italians are embracing micro-scooters as a more sustainable way of traveling around the urban environment.

Micro electric scooters are a low-carbon way of quickly getting from A to B in the city. Not only are they convenient, surprisingly fast and easy to use, but micro scooters are also a cost-effective way of traveling relatively short distances within the city.

Many of Italy’s cities have recently been rolling out shared electric micro scooter schemes which allow you to rent a micro scooter for a single journey. Even so, many people have also decided to purchase their own. There are many great brands of micro electric scooters to choose from in Italy which make top-quality electric vehicles at very reasonable prices.

The Best Micro Electric Scooter Brands In Italy.

The following are the best and most popular micro electric scooter brands in Italy:


For the perfect way to travel around the city, ITALMOTO’s micro electric scooters are well-balanced, fun to ride, stylishly designed and have a maximum speed of around 25 km/h. The scooters are aerodynamically designed and make use of the very latest technologies to maximize their fuel efficiency and versatility. Made with a tough aluminum alloy, the fold-up scooters are practical and easy to maneuver, even on cobblestone streets and up steep city slopes.

The scooters have a replaceable 187 Watt Lithium battery which means even if you’re making a long journey you can quickly change the battery en route if necessary. The batteries take 2 to 3 hours to fully charge and each charge will give you 20 km of travel. The scooters also have a cruise control option as well as a triple-layered braking system so you can either stop gradually or in a few moments if you need to.


SUNRA is a giant in the electric moped, scooter and micro scooter industry and manufactures some of the finest models on the market. Made using an innovative lightweight aluminum magnesium alloy, the micro scooters have a hard-to-beat maximum range of 45 km which makes them ideal for longer commutes and even sightseeing trips around the city. With non-slip grips on the handles and under your feet the micro scooters are safe to ride and easy to control, even in wet or windy conditions.

SUNRA electric micro scooters have an ingenious pedestrian indicator that comes on automatically when your speed drops below 6 km. As you ride you can keep an eye on your speed with the large LCD display between the handlebars. The micro scooter has an impressive top speed of 40 km although the batteries take 8 to 9 hours to fully recharge.


Although Ducati is best known for its high-performance motorbikes, the company has been moving with the times and now manufactures an excellent selection of electric micro scooters. The company produces slim-lined micro scooters that are perfectly suited to urban life as well as rugged cross micro scooters that can handle much rougher terrain.

The most versatile micro electric scooter for city commuters and sightseers is the PRO-III model. The innovative design makes use of a 350 Watt brushless motor that can provide up to 515 Watts at its peak power, enabling the user to cover up to 50 km on a fully charged battery. The scooter has a bright LED display that allows you to monitor your speed and control the functions of the scooter. The PRO-III scooter has 4 main driving modes that operate at 6km/h, 15km/h, 20km/h and 25km/h. The electric scooter also has a USB port that lets you recharge your phone or other devices while you travel around the city.


Most famous for its styling work in collaboration with Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, Pininfarina has launched the KPF Argento micro electric scooter to great acclaim. Developed in conjunction with the e-mobility company Platum, this ultra-stylish, highly durable and ergonomic electric scooter is a fantastic solution for urban commuters.

The KPF electric scooter has a solid 83.5 cm platform, housed in an aluminum chassis that rides smoothly on 20 cm tires. The scooter has a maximum range of 25 miles with a top speed of 15 mph, LED headlights and 3 driving modes – Eco, Normal and Sport. With a bright display, you can easily monitor your speed and battery levels as you travel. A great solution for urban living, the KPF Argento electric scooter is great value for money and provides everything you need for daily commuting in Italy’s busy modern cities.


Nito manufactures excellent micro electric scooters that are ideally suited for contemporary urban living. The N1e model weighs 13 kg and is made with a solid aluminum frame that can support a load of up to 120 kg. With 12-inch alloy wheels, front and back disc brakes and a range of up to 20 km, the electric scooter is versatile, elegant and easy to control on the city streets.

The scooter is equipped with a 180 Watt battery that fully charges in under 4 hours. Perfect for everyday use, commuting and quick shopping trips, the N1e electric scooter comes in a range of different colors and designs to suit your tastes. Fully foldable, easy to store or transport, and with tough inner tubes it can also be ridden on rougher terrains – so you’re not limited to traveling on the asphalt in the city.


E-TWOW produces top-of-the-range micro electric scooters and scooter accessories. One of the most popular models of micro electric scooter in the range are the GT scooters. These are equipped with Bluetooth so you can link up the scooter to your mobile device. Once you’ve linked the scooter with your phone you can activate the on/off switch, set the speed limit and lock the scooter once it’s parked.

The GT scooter has an incredible maximum range of up to 50 km and a top cruising speed of 46 km/h. The micro scooter has an impressive 700 Watt engine and a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery. Overall, the E-TWOW micro electric scooters are great value for money and an environmentally friendly way to get around the city.


As well as making rugged e-bikes and motorbikes, Garelli manufactures electric micro scooters in its Mosquito Vento range. This 100% sustainable mode of urban travel is designed to have a zero-carbon impact while providing the rider with a safe and cost-effective experience on the road.

With a maximum load capacity of 120 kg, a 350 Watt brushless motor and 8-inch honeycomb tires, the Mosquito Ventos are a highly efficient way to commute to work. The micro electric scooter has 3 selectable travel modes of 6 km/h, 15 km/h and 25 km/h. The foldable scooter weighs just 12.5 kg making it easy to carry on to the train with you or store in your apartment while it recharges.

Important Reasons For Using A Micro Electric Scooter.

There are several key reasons for using a micro electric scooter:

Environmentally Friendly Travel Solution For Urban Life.

Micro electric scooters are a major new trend in sustainable travel. Electric micro scooters produce no harmful emissions and allow you to travel around the city while helping to contribute to a cleaner environment. The electric micro scooter is one of the best ways of getting to and from work without creating a significant carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient And Cost-Effective.

Micro electric scooters are an extremely cost-effective way to make relatively short journeys of between 20 to 50 km. This makes it a cheap way to get to work, do some casual sightseeing or pop down to the local store to pick up some groceries. You also don’t need to worry about paying for gas, which is very expensive in Italy, so you can make some major savings, especially if you’re traveling around the city every day.

Convenient, Compact And Lightweight.

An electric micro scooter is super lightweight and easy to store at home or transport around the city on public transport. This means you can easily take your scooter onto the train and then jump back onto your scooter when you arrive at your next destination.

Electric Micro Scooters Are Super Fun!

Compared to walking or driving a traditional car, an electric micro scooter is great fun to ride around the city. You can also easily avoid obstacles and stay out of the heavy urban traffic that would otherwise slow you down.

Surprising Health Benefits.

Riding a micro electric scooter can improve your cardiovascular health, boost your overall fitness levels and even tone your core muscles. You’ll also get plenty of fresh air as you ride to and from work each day.

Join The Micro Electric Scooter Revolution!

Micro electric scooters are changing the way that people commute to work, travel around to sightsee or drop by the store to pick up some last-minute groceries. Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and great fun to ride, anyone living in an Italian city should have a micro electric scooter to get around town!

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