The Most Popular Italian Pet Food Brands

Italian Pet Food Brands

Any pet owner knows that getting high-quality food for your furry friend is an essential part of giving them the care and quality of life that they deserve. Fortunately, Italy is a land of animal lovers and consequently, the range of pet food is exceptionally good, especially for cats and dogs but also for horses and other more exotic animals.

If you’re looking for pet food, you can try visiting a local pet store, although in modern times it’s generally more convenient to visit one of Italy’s major pet food and supplies websites. Even so, wherever you buy your pet food, we’ve put together some of the best Italian brands to keep an eye out for.

The following are the most popular pet food brands in Italy:


Farmina is one of Italy’s premier pet food brands that produce superb food for cats, kittens, adult dogs and puppies. Founded in the 1960s, the company has grown to become one of the nation’s most trusted pet food brands due to its focus on using only the highest quality, carefully balanced ingredients.

Farmina’s pet food, for both cats and dogs, is made from fresh meats, including chicken, boar and lamb as well as fish and vegetables. This ensures that your pet enjoys a healthy diet that includes all the proteins, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates that they need to experience an optimally healthy life. The company also has lines of pet food for puppies and kittens which include the special ingredients that they need to get the best possible start in life.

Farmina is dedicated to the welfare of pets and has a wide range of supplemental products to improve nutritional support for pets that have special dietary requirements or medical conditions. The price of Farmina’s pet food is very reasonable and if you shop on the company’s e-store delivery times are fast. If you’d prefer to buy your pet food in person, you can also search for your nearest pet food store on Farmina’s website.

Almo Nature.

Established in 1999, Almo Nature is a great Italian pet food brand that uses the best natural ingredients to create healthy food for cats and dogs. The company operates in an environmentally friendly way and always ensures that all its ingredients are obtained from sustainable sources that are free from potentially harmful artificial additives.

Almo Nature has a massive range of products that are packaged as wet and dry food, kibble and snacks. There’s a good choice of ingredients to select from including grain-free options, fresh meat, fish, high-fiber meals, 100% organic food, raw food and even human-grade meat options. The company website also sells pet supplements and treats that are free from any artificial additives and preservatives.

Almo Nature takes transparency very seriously so you can actually read detailed explanations about the sources of all the ingredients to ensure that you agree with the ethical standards they are proud to uphold. Undoubtedly one of Italy’s leading pet food brands, Almo Nature is the ideal choice for pet owners who want to go the extra mile to ensure that their furry friend gets the finest, gourmet-style pet food, each and every day!


Morando produces up-market pet food for dogs, cats and horses. As one of Italy’s favorite pet food brands, all of the food is made with the highest quality ingredients using no artificial preservatives or synthetic dyes. The company also ensures that no animal testing is conducted on any of the ingredients or takes place in any aspect of its supply chain.

Morando operates an excellent online educational resource which is especially helpful for first-time pet owners. The comprehensive videos cover a wide range of topics that include good food habits for dogs and cats, nutritional information for your pets, foods to avoid for dogs and specific dietary information for the different breeds of cats and dogs. This resource is definitely worth checking out if you have any concerns about your pet’s nutritional needs or are wondering how to create a healthy balanced diet.


Monge is a family-run pet food company that was founded in 1963. Specializing in high-quality food for cats and dogs, there’s a great choice of wet and dry food, treats and supplements. Monge never uses artificial additives and ensures that every pet meal is nutritious, wholesome and provides a balanced diet for your furry friend.

The Monge website includes helpful advice on the best way to feed your pets, including breed-specific tips and recommendations so you can get the most out of the options on offer. The Monge blog is also packed with useful advice about everything from how to create the perfect environment for your cat to how to deal with a hyperactive puppy. With the company’s long-term commitment to pet welfare, you can be sure that your pets are in good hands with Monge, one of Italy’s favorite pet food providers.


Effeffe is an Italian pet food company that has been producing superb food for dogs and cats since the late 1980s. Effeffe has partnered with expert nutritionists to create optimized pet food and has an ongoing partnership with the University of Bologna in order to continue to improve its pet food formulations to maximize nutritional value for your pets.

Effeffe is based in Pieve Porto Morone, around 70 km outside of Milan, and sells more than 90,000 tons of pet food to customers in Italy and beyond. Effeffe’s cat and dog food is branded under several different labels, including Lavital, Pronature, Econature Plus, Appetite, Croque and Dost Pati. All of these labels are hugely popular in Italy and provide excellent nutritionally balanced food for cats and dogs.

Effeffe’s pet food is available in all major pet stores in Italy as well as on the leading pet food and supplies websites. The brand’s pet food is excellent and is definitely worth keeping an eye out for it, either on or offline.


Founded in 1956 in Tuscany, Giuntini is the largest pet food supplier in Italy and is beloved by pets everywhere! Giuntini makes delicious dog and cat food, paying special attention to every aspect of the nutritional needs of your furry friends. The brand produces a good range of wet, dry and snack foods that are specifically designed to match the age, size and lifestyle of your pet. This means that whether you have a large dog breed that’s very active or a kitten that lives in an apartment, Giuntini has the perfect food for your pet.

Giuntini always uses GMO-free ingredients and has grain and gluten-free options on offer for pets with special dietary needs. Giuntini is continuously innovating and operates a major research program that incorporates the latest technologies to advance pet food recipes and ensure that your pet gets the very best nutrition with each and every bite. The brand also uses modern packing processes to maintain freshness and has an integrated quality control system in its plant to guarantee unbeatable quality in every product.


Valpet is a relative newcomer to Italy’s thriving pet food industry but has already gained a loyal following among pet owners in Italy. Since 2008, when it first opened its doors, Valpet has been producing top-quality food for dogs, cats, birds, fish, turtles, rabbits, rodents and ferrets, making it a great brand for anyone with a more unusual pet!

The team at Valpet is made up of numerous pet food experts who use their skills and knowledge to create the ideal nutritionally balanced food for almost every type of pet you can imagine! This makes the company a vital part of Italy’s pet food sector because most of the major brands only focus on producing food for cats and dogs. On the Valpet website, you can search for your nearest store, discover the most suitable food products for your pet and learn more about the company’s ethos.

Italy Has Great Pet Food Brands.

The Italian pet food market is one of the most dynamic in the world. This is partly because so many Italians own pets but it’s also because Italy’s top pet food brands have embraced sustainable practices, the use of organic ingredients and constantly innovate to improve the nutritional content of their pet food.

The leading brands also avoid harmful preservatives and generally steer clear of artificial additives. All this means that your pet, or pets, will have the best chance of enjoying a long and healthy life, supported by an excellent diet, each and every day.

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