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Scooters are an affordable, practical and fun way to travel around Italy’s cities. Easy to park, even in busy city center streets, and ideal for driving through heavy traffic, scooters are a ubiquitous part of daily life in Italy. Fuel prices in Italy are also very high compared to other parts of the world and so the excellent fuel efficiency of the modern scooter is another primary reason why many people opt to purchase one.

As a result, there are many famous Italian brands of scooters, some of which have become household names and symbols of the country itself.


Piaggio is a major Italian motor vehicle company that produces a wide range of scooters and small vehicles. Piaggio manufactures scooters under several different brand names including Piaggio, Vespa, Aprilia and Gilera among others. The company employs more than 7000 people and has manufactured more than 500,000 vehicles in its long and successful history.

Best known for creating the first 3-wheeled scooter that provides increased stability and mobility in the urban environment, the company has remained at the very forefront of innovations in the scooter market. With cruise control options, inbuilt blind spot information systems and excellent fuel efficiency, Piaggio’s range of 3-wheeled scooters offer the perfect solution for comfortable urban transport.


Originally founded in San Lazzaro di Savena in 1930, Malaguti manufactured bicycles until the late 1950s before entering the motorcycle and scooter sector. Famous for the use of small, compact and high-performing engines in their scooters, Malaguti had a successful run until it faced financial difficulties following the economic crash of 2009. Fortunately, Malaguti was rescued by the Austrian company KSR Group and continues to manufacture some of the best all-around scooters in Italy.

An ideal scooter for commuting as well as pleasure trips, Malaguti’s Mission125 has a top speed of almost 100 km with a competitive level of fuel consumption. Hugely versatile, easy to handle and enjoyable to ride, the Mission125 is an excellent solution for low-cost personal transport in Italy.


Instantly recognizable, Vespa scooters are almost synonymous with Italian style and fashion. Founded in the late 1940s, Vespa, meaning ‘wasp’ in Italian, manufactures mopeds and luxury scooters that have a flat floorboard, an enclosed engine and a front fairing that protects the rider from the wind.

Hugely popular, both in Italy and around the world, Vespa produces a superb range of top-quality, reliable and fuel-efficient scooters designed for city commuters and the modern cosmopolitan citizen. The company manufactures a great range of scooters including the chic and sporty GPS Super scooter. Vespa offers several payment plans so you can spread the costs of your purchase, a warranty and ongoing maintenance and servicing of all its vehicles.


Aprilia was founded following WWII by Alberto Beggio in Noale, Italy. Initially, the company only manufactured bicycles but it soon branched out to produce high-quality scooters and small, practical motorcycles. Today, Aprilia is best known for creating some of the most versatile, dynamic and elegant scooters for commuters and urban dwellers.

A perfect example of Aprilia’s range is the SR GT scooter. This scooter has stylishly sculpted wheels, a long-stroke suspension for rider comfort and an agile, sporty frame. With great handling, extra protective features and superb maneuverability, it’s ideal for rural and city drives.


First opening its doors in 1911, Benelli manufactures motorcycles and scooters. Gaining a well-earned reputation for quality and excellence over its 100-year history, Benelli creates elegant scooters that come with a 2-year warranty, including labor, parts and unlimited mileage. With good fuel efficiency, a comfortable riding experience and a solid engine all coming as standard, a Benelli scooter is the ideal companion for the busy urban dweller.


Founded more than 70 years ago in post-war Milan, the company is named after the district of the city in which its factory was based, Lambrate. The brand produces excellent scooters that embody the modern spirit of urban living. Sleek, elegant and stylish, Lambretta scooters are durable, easily maneuverable on narrow city roads and give the owner superb value for money as they travel.

There are numerous top-of-the-range models to choose from but the recently released G350 is setting new standards in the scooter industry. With 3 different models to choose from, each G350 scooter has an ABS braking system for safety, a convenient digital display screen and an automatic 330.1cc, liquid-cooled, engine. Lambretta also sells high-quality scooter gear, including helmets and other accessories.


Garelli is an Italian motorcycle, e-bike and moped manufacturer that was founded in 1919 by the legendary Albalberto Garelli who set multiple long-distance riding records in his lifetime. Passionate about motorcycles and mopeds, he led his company to become one of the nation’s favorite brands. Garelli does not make the traditional Italian scooters.

Having been through many periods in its long history, today Garelli creates ultra stylish, minimalist and ruggedly elegant scooters that have a standout urban design. All of the scooters are electric in the new range, with the Ciclone E4 Soul epitomizing the brand’s modern urban look. Both the urban and the cross-country models have superb handling, maneuverability and won’t struggle on rougher terrain.


Cimatti manufactured a wide range of bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles. The company was extremely successful between the late 1930s and 1984 when it was forced to close during a severe recession in Italy. Although Cimatti originally produced bicycles the company launched its range of hugely popular mopeds in the 1950s and its motorcycles and scooters in the 1960s.

Cimatti appeared to be going from strength to strength in the 1970s however it wasn’t enough to weather the storm of the economic turmoil of the 1980s. Even so, scooter enthusiasts still collect and repair older models to keep them on the roads. This means that you can still buy second-hand Cimatti models but you won’t enjoy the same levels of fuel economy that you would with a modern alternative.


Gilera was founded in 1909 and went on to launch itself into the public consciousness with a series of incredible sporting achievements. For example, during the 1950s Gilera won 6 MotoGP World Championships and later one of its motorcycles was the first to break the 100 mph speed record in the Tourist Trophy competition. Today, Gilera operates under the umbrella of the Piaggio group but the company still creates a number of excellent motorcycles and scooters.

In honor of Gilera’s sporting legacy, the brand still produces sporty scooters and motorcycles that excel in high-performance riding and the latest technological innovations. Each model has a real Italian flair and is primarily designed with the young, dynamic rider in mind. Certainly, a great scooter to get from A to B, Gilera continues to turn heads more than 100 years since it first burst onto the scene.


Headquartered in Bologna, Italjet has been manufacturing scooters and motorcycles since the late 1950s. The company has always created extremely innovative scooters that challenge the conventional wisdom of other manufacturers. In fact, the designs are so stunning that the Pack 2 scooter was selected by the Museum of Modern Art in New York to become displayed in its permanent collection while its Formula 50 L.C.S scooter is displayed in the Guggenheim Museum in New York in its ‘Art of the Motorcycle’ exhibition.

A perfect example of Italjet’s outrageous sense of fashion and willingness to break the mold is the new Urban Superbike. This 125cc scooter has an aggressive frame that resembles a top-of-the-range superbike. The scooter is rebellious, dynamic and delivers the rider agility and high performance in the city environment. If you’re looking for a truly unique scooter that is guaranteed to turn heads, then Italjet’s Urban Superbike was designed with you in mind.

Scooter Is The Best Way To Get Around Italian Cities.

If you’ve lived in Italy or even just visited, you’ll certainly have noticed the predominance of scooters in and around the cities. This is essential because driving a car in Italy’s major cities is usually much more trouble than it’s worth. With small, winding, cobblestone roads in the historical centers, a lack of parking spaces and heavy traffic during rush hours, it’s always easier to travel to work, do your grocery shopping or visit the local attractions on a scooter.

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