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Italy is world-famous for its superb wines that are made from more than 350 authorized varieties of grapes in numerous wine-producing regions. This makes the viticultural heritage of Italy as complex as it is fascinating. But this means that fully understanding and navigating the world of Italian wine can be very difficult, even for the keenest wine enthusiast.

Fortunately, there are well-crafted and detailed courses that cover everything from the basics to the underlying historical and cultural aspects of Italy’s winemaking heritage. These courses are essential for anyone who wants to pursue a professional career in the wine industry but they are also ideal for the wine enthusiast who simply wants to better understand the wine they enjoy.

Wine Scholar Guild Of Italy.

There are numerous wine courses to choose from but the Italian Wine Scholar course, developed by the prestigious Wine Scholar Guild, is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. You could choose to study the Italian Wine Scholar course online but it’s always much better to join an in-person class.

When you study in a classroom with other students under the direct supervision of an experienced tutor you’ll have a far better learning experience and will come away with a deeper understanding of the topics. The Wine Scholar Guild partners with accredited institutions in over 30 countries to deliver the renowned Italian Wine Scholar course in various locations.

Overview Of Italian Wine Scholar Course.

The Italian Wine Scholar course is an extremely comprehensive program that covers all aspects of Italian wine. Once you successfully pass the course exams you will be awarded with an industry-respected certification that allows you to use the post-nominal ‘IWS’ after your name. For instance, if your name is John Smith, you can officially put the post-nominal after your name, John Smith IWS, to indicate your expertise in the field of Italian wine.

The Italian Wine Scholar is the most up-to-date, advanced and fully comprehensive course on Italian wine that’s currently available and is suitable for industry professionals and Italian wine enthusiasts who want to delve further into the topic. The course syllabus is designed to take a regional approach to Italian wine and explores the various appellations and the unique factors which shape the flavor profiles and identities of Italian wine.

The course also provides students with a carefully tailored set of study tools that will help you to maximize your knowledge retention in an effective and enjoyable way.

The Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) course covers aspects of Italian wine history, law, viticultural geography, grape varieties, winemaking, industry trends and all of the DoCs and DOCGs with their unique wine styles, regulations and specifications. This is a vital training course if you want to buy or sell wine, teach about wine, work in hospitality or simply become an absolute expert in the field of Italian wine.

Units Within The Italian Wine Scholar Course.

There are two self contained units within the Italian Wine Scholar course. They are Unit 1 (Wines of Northern Italy and Unit 2 (Wines of Central and Southern Italy).

While it is possible to study the IWS course via distance learning, it’s always much better to study in person in a classroom. The classroom learning includes classroom instruction and tutored tasting sessions which can’t be replaced in an online setting. You will also receive a copy of the Italian Wine Scholar study manual as well as full access to the online study modules and quizzes to help you prepare for your classes and the final exams.

Unit 1 – Wines of Northern Italy: This is an intensive 3-day program that includes tuition and tutored wine tastings with a certified IWS instructor. You will also receive a 260-page study manual and have full access to the online materials for Unit 1. The online materials include e-learning modules for each region, self-evaluation quizzes, online flashcards and pronunciation exercises.

Unit 2 – Wines of Central and Southern Italy: Unit 2 is also a 3-day intensive course that includes class tuition and tutored tasting sessions. You will receive a 260-page study manual for the unit and have full access to the online materials for Unit 2. The online materials include e-learning modules for each region, self-evaluation quizzes, online flashcards and pronunciation exercises.

Are All Italian Wine Scholar (IWS) Courses The Same?

Yes, all the Italian Wine Scholar courses use the same teaching manuals and modules so you’ll receive the same quality of training wherever you decide to study. However, different wine schools do have their own unique advantages – such as location and tutoring staff. This means that even though all International Wine Scholar courses are excellent there are some institutions that really do stand out!

The Best Italian Wine Scholar Courses.

To help you decide where you’d like to study the Italian Wine Scholar I’ve compiled some of the finest IWS courses that you should consider.

Italian Wine Institute.

The Italian Wine Institute in Florence, Tuscany, was the first approved provider to deliver the prestigious Italian Wine Scholar course in Italy. Fully certified by the Wine Scholar Guild, the Italian Wine Institute provides both Units of the IWS course in one of Italy’s most iconic Renaissance cities.

The Italian Wine Institute runs a number of courses that range from short wine-tasting classes to the full Italian Wine Scholar course. What’s more, in between classes, you can explore the magnificent city of Florence and immerse yourself in the very heart of Italy’s wine-growing culture.

Borgo San Vincenzo.

Located next to the Strada del Vino Nobile amongst the ancient vineyards of Montepulciano, the Borgo San Vincenzo is a 21-room boutique hotel that provides unique guest-only wine-related programs and education. Borgo San Vincenzo is the perfect place to study Italian Wine Scholar courses in Italy. To add to your experience, you can also explore the surrounding vineyards and get an authentic feeling for the atmosphere that underpins this renowned wine-growing region between classes.

The hotel also runs wine tours, food tastings and other activities for the guests. Truly a unique way to master the intricacies of Italian wine, the Italian Wine Scholar course at the Borgo San Vincenzo is one of the finest places to study the IWS program.

Before and after your courses, it’s certainly worth taking some time to stay in the surrounding UNESCO-protected environments and visit some of the region’s towns and cities. You could also take a guided wine tour of Tuscany or simply explore the area on your own itinerary.

San Francisco Wine School.

The San Francisco Wine School is the largest dedicated wine school in America and is housed in a 4,000-square-foot education center opposite the City Hall in South San Francisco. The wine school has beautiful 180-degree views of the San Bruno Mountains and the San Francisco Bay, making it a picturesque location to study the Italian Wine Scholar course under the tutelage of fully accredited wine tutors.

There is paid on-site parking and easy access to the airport from the wine school. The San Francisco Wine School is also surrounded by numerous hotels that are suitable for every budget and plenty of restaurants to enjoy a meal in the evening after your classes for the day are finished.

The Texas Wine School.

Situated in the metropolitan city of Houston, the Texas Wine School operates a wide range of classes and courses that are suitable for enthusiasts, industry professionals and beginners alike. The school is an accredited provider of the Italian Wine Scholar courses and has a great reputation in the industry.

The Italian Wine Scholar classes are not taught in an intensive manner at the Texas Wine School. Instead, the Units are taught as evening classes each Tuesday, between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm, over an 8-week period. This means that you can fit your IWS training around your other commitments. Spreading out the classes over an 8-week period also gives you far more time to absorb the information and practice what you’ve already learned using the online flashcards and self-evaluating quizzes.

Vendange Institute.

The Vendange Institute is an internationally recognized wine school that is fully accredited to teach Units 1 and 2 of the Italian Wine Scholar course. Founded in 2004, the school is widely considered to be Canada’s top institute for learning about wine and often partners with companies to train their staff in all aspects of Italian wine. The courses are also taught in such a way that even relative beginners can master the finer aspects of Italian wine.

Ottawa is a wonderful city that is bursting with culture and so if you decide to study at the Vendange Institute you’ll be able to enjoy the special heritage of Canada’s capital city.

Mastering Italian Wine Through IWS.

For aspiring industrial professionals, enthusiasts or keen beginners, the Italian Wine Scholar course will open up new horizons for you in your appreciation and knowledge of Italy’s most popular export. The comprehensive IWS course covers everything that you need to know to buy or sell wine, work at the highest levels of hospitality or simply enjoy the delightful qualities of Italian wine.

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