The Most Popular Pet Supply Stores In Milan

Milan Pet Supply Stores

Italians are a nation of animal lovers, with almost 40% of households owning either a cat or a dog, almost 3% owning a pet bird and 2.5% owning fish. Pets in Milan are popular with both locals and Expats. From ultra-trendy French Bulldogs to rugged German Shepherds, wayward tabby cats to elegant Siamese kittens and Persian cats, everyone who owns animals in Milan should know where to find top quality pet supplies in the city.

The Most Popular Pet Supply Stores In Milan.

The following are the most popular pet supply stores in Milan:

AnimalFood Milano.

Founded by passionate animal lovers Stefano and Marika, AnimalFood Milano goes the extra mile to make sure that you get the very best food, accessories, toys and bedding for your pets. The 250 square meter store has excellent stocks of the top brands of pet food as well as luxury bedding, sturdy leads, collars, toys and brushes for both cats and dogs. The friendly staff are always available to give you tips and advice about the best products and items for your pets.

For Pets Only.

For Pets Only is one of Milan’s leading producers and distributors of head-turning fashion clothes and accessories for your furry four legged friend. Founded in 1998 by Silvia Savi, the boutique store has a super stylish selection of collars, T-shirts, dresses, shirts, sweaters, sleepwear, waterproof jackets, onesies and accessories. All of the clothes and garments are entirely hand sewn in Italy and made using the finest materials including cashmere, wool and cotton.

Each year, the company produces two unique collections for dogs, one for the winter and one for the summer. This means that your pooch will have sophisticated garments that are suitable for the weather at all times of the year. You can also order specially made-to-measure garments so that they fit perfectly! There is a good choice of fashionable dog accessories such as bags to carry them in when you’re shopping in town, kennels for your home, bedding, blankets and much more besides!

If it’s more convenient you can also purchase online with free deliveries for orders over 100 Euros within Italy and 200 Euros within Europe.

Pupakiotti Pets.

Pupakiotti is a small boutique pet store that sells top quality products that are designed with comfort and practicality in mind. From collars to harnesses, leashes, leather carrier bags for dogs up to 16 kg in weight, pet clothing and accessories, every item is handcrafted with expertise and passion.

With over 20 years in the industry, Sergio Montagna, the store’s dynamic owner, has developed a unique patented design of leather dog harness that is secure, comfortable and elegant. These ergonomic harnesses are extremely popular with customers and if you haven’t tried one yet it’s certainly worth dropping by the store to check them out for yourself.

Prince And Princess.

Prince and Princess is a delightful boutique pet shop for cats and dogs in central Milan. The store has a great range of products on offer including luxury handmade clothes from the world’s top brands, high quality pet food, snacks, pet music CDs, toys, kennels, miscellaneous accessories and chic carrier bags for owners.

The store has its own certified nursery where you can buy purebred Chihuahua puppies that come from Italy’s leading breeds and in the store’s ‘Dating Agency’ you can even find your furry friend a soulmate! You can also buy pet jewelry, perfumes and a whole selection of helpful pet gadgets.

Number One For Pets.

Number One For Pets is an independent Milanese pet supply store that has a fantastic range of pet food, treats, collars, harnesses, accessories and toys. The staff are super friendly and are always happy to help out with tips and advice. The store stocks all the top brands for your pets and ensures that they only sell the very best products on the market. Pets are welcome in the store and you’ll often find that owners give your dog a free taster of some of the treats on offer. While you’re in the store, don’t forget to say hello to the resident Goldfish, Sushi!

Animal One Milano.

With more than 20 years of experience in the pet supplies sector, Animal One Milano sells top quality pet food, accessories and products for all your four legged friends. Located in central Milan, the store is easy to visit and has a strong reputation for selling excellent pet toys, hygiene products, games, kennels, carriers, leashes, coats and bowls.

As well as supplies for cats and dogs, there are cages and accessories for pet rodents and birds. Animal One Milano also runs a pet grooming service, a daycare center for dogs and they sell Toy Poodle puppies directly from a well-run and fully certified Milanese puppy farm.

MySocialPet Store.

Providing customers with the finest pet foods, accessories, toys and a complete assortment of pharmaceuticals, MySocialPet is your one-stop shop for all things four legged and furry! With products and accessories for dogs, cats and rodents, MySocialPet is famous for its excellent service and high quality products.

But MySocialPet is much more than just a standard pet supplies store! The store runs regular events throughout the year such as dog food tasting sessions, treasure hunts and special meetups at Christmas. This is a great opportunity for your dog to meet other dogs as well as for you to connect with fellow dog owners in Milan.

MySocialPet also runs an interesting blog that is full of great advice on pet ownership and frequently advertises local opportunities to adopt new pets.


This huge pet store has a vast array of pet foods, accessories and products for dogs, cats, rodents, fish and birds. With a massive selection of the top pet supplies brands, you can buy collars, leads, toys, games, bedding, kennels and everything you need to make sure your pet enjoys life in the lap of luxury!

Due to the large size of the store you can benefit from the economies of scale with prices that are extremely hard to beat. With multiple stores in Milan, you’re never far from the nearest Animaliamo and the company runs a fully stocked veterinarian pharmacy which is conveniently located on Via Circonvallazione, 51.


Arcaplanet is one of Italy’s leading pet supply chain stores and operates throughout the country. The store provides fantastic products and accessories for cats, dogs, fish, reptiles, turtles and rodents. Arcaplanet has a superb range of items and your pets are always welcome to tag along with you while you’re browsing the products in-store.

You can find almost anything in Arcaplanet including food, cages, lighting, accessories, toys, games and much more besides. The large pet supermarket has thousands of promotional offers that are available at any time and if it’s more convenient you can purchase online and have your items delivered directly to your front door.

Tutto Per Il Cane.

Tutto Per Il Cane is an independent pet supplies store that sells all the basic food, accessories and products for dogs, cats and small animals such as rodents and rabbits. However, as well as providing a good range of products and accessories the store also runs a top-of-the-range dog grooming service. The experienced dog groomers are able to trim and style the fur of any type of dog including chic Toy Poodles and French Bulldogs. Prices for a complete dog grooming service are very reasonable and the results are bound to impress.

Bau Per Miao.

Bau Per Miao sells a superb range of pet foods, travel bags, cages, bedding, coats, sweaters, waterproof jackets and accessories including harnesses, collars and hygiene products. Although the store specializes in dog foods and accessories there are plenty of items that are suitable for cats, such as blankets and bedding.

Bau Per Miao, or ‘Woof for Miao’ in English, has a great atmosphere and very friendly staff who are always ready to point you in the right direction if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Pet Supply Stores Are Everywhere In Milano.

In modern Italy, many people find that the companionship, fun and entertainment which a pet can offer plays a valuable role in their lives. As a result, it’s no surprise that pet owners are always on the lookout for the best quality food, supplies and accessories to make their beloved animal’s life as good as it possibly can be.

Whether you’re looking for top quality pet food, a new harness or collar, toys, accessories or even luxury pet clothes, the pet supply stores in Milan have everything you need.

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