The Most Popular Pizzerias In Naples Italy

Pizza in Naples

As the birthplace of the first modern pizza, Naples is famous for some of the most delicious pizzas on the planet. For hundreds of years, the humble pizza has played a central role in the life of the citizens of Naples. Consequently, the city has an unbeatable selection of pizzerias that serve tourists and locals world-class pizzas at hard-to-beat prices.

The Best & Most Popular Pizzerias In Naples Italy.

The following are some of the most popular pizzerias in Naples. These are pizzerias where the locals hang out. Plan ahead before visiting these pizzerias as they can be very crowded sometimes.

Pizzeria Fortuna – Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini, 8.

Serving pizza to the people of Naples for decades, this cozy family-run pizzeria has a fantastic menu that includes traditional Neapolitan recipes as well as modern evolutions of the classic recipes. This pizzeria is open late at night and also serves beer, alcohol and a lovely selection of wines.

Takeaway and delivery options are available and if you’re visiting the pizzeria with children you can order smaller plates of food for them. With a great family-friendly atmosphere, excellent prices and delicious pizzas, the Pizzeria Fortuna is certainly one of the city’s hidden gems.

Pizzeria Del Popolo – Piazza Mercato, 44.

With a huge selection of pizzas, beer, alcohol and wines, the Pizzeria del Popolo is a local favorite that also has coffee and plenty of healthy eating options on the menu. There’s a special children’s menu and with a casual atmosphere, it’s the ideal choice for a family meal out in Naples.

The pizzeria is open for lunch and dinner serving all the best pizzas with a vast array of toppings. If you prefer, you can order your food from the pizzeria using the Just Eat app or, better yet, drop by in person to experience the warm and friendly service for yourself.

Pizzeria Vincenzo Costa Napoli.

Famous in the neighborhood for its great service and delicious pizzas, the pizzeria is always packed with local families enjoying outstanding pizza and the great atmosphere of the establishment. The pizzeria has a fun and relaxed dining area that includes large 10+ person tables – ideal for group events and big family get-togethers, Italian style.

On top of finger-licking pizzas, the pizzeria also serves coffee, desserts, beers, spirits and wines at the bar. With healthy eating options on the menu, small plates for children and an amazing selection of authentic Neapolitan pizzas, no trip to the city would be complete without stopping off for dinner or lunch at the Pizzeria Vincenzo Costa Napoli.

Pizzeria Da Gaetano A Porta Capuana – Via Casanova, 109.

Founded in 1964, the pizzeria has built a fantastic reputation for serving excellent pizzas at very reasonable prices. With friendly staff who are always ready to let you know about the specials on the menu, takeaway options and lots of healthy eating dishes, there’s something for everyone at this Neapolitan pizzeria.

Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, the Pizzeria Da Gaetano A Porta Capuana serves beer and soft drinks in the casual dining area. Ideal for families, couples and anyone in the area who wants a high-quality, low-cost meal in the city.

Pizzeria Carmnella – Via Marino Cristoforo, 22.

First opening its doors to the public way back in 1892, the Pizzeria Carmnella has moved a few times but always retained the expertise in pizza making that has been handed down through the generations of this family-run restaurant. Originally operating out of a cellar that served pizzas and other Neapolitan cuisine, the new and improved pizzeria is located in a much more comfortable setting!

The Pizzeria Carmnella has a lovely atmosphere where you’ll instantly feel right at home as you dine on the finest pizzas in the city. Situated in the Case Nuove district, just next to the train station, it’s the ideal place to stop off for lunch or dinner while you explore the cultural attractions of Naples.

The pizzeria serves coffee, soft drinks and beer as well as healthy eating options, vegetarian dishes and small plates for children. You can also use the free Wi-Fi in the pizzeria if you want to stay connected while you enjoy freshly made quintessential Neapolitan cuisine with friends and family.

Pizzeria De Figliole – Via Giudecca Vecchia, 39.

Decorated with vintage photographs of Neapolitan life, this family-run pizzeria is best known for its crunchy fried pizzas that are served fast at great prices. The Pizzeria de Figliole is a relaxed eatery where you can enjoy a quick bite to eat or settle down for a full meal. The pizzeria is open late at night serving food but it also serves lunch and dinner each day.

Behind the bar, you can order beer, local wines and alcohol. Ideal for groups and family visits, the Pizzeria de Figliole is an unfussy Neapolitan pizzeria that is mainly frequented by locals where you can taste a genuine slice of the city’s legendary culinary heritage.

Pizzeria Vesuviana – Traversa III Garibaldi, 4.

Situated just a stone’s throw from the city center Garibaldi train station, the Pizzeria Vesuviana is a super friendly establishment where you can order pizza, omelets, arancini, frittini and other essential Neapolitan dishes. The food on offer is fantastic value for money, with special offers such as a Pizza Margherita with a drink for under 6 Euros.

The establishment is small and friendly with a dedicated staff who always goes the extra mile for customers. The Pizzeria Vesuviana is a lesser-known establishment that is ideal for visitors to the city who want to experience an authentic local pizzeria.

Pizza E Sfizi – Via Duomo, 171.

Pizza e Sfizi, or ‘pizza and whims’ in English, is a lovely pizzeria with a comfortable outdoor patio and a nicely furnished indoor dining area. The helpful staff serves superb pizzas made with carefully selected local ingredients as well as fries and other tasty side dishes. The prices are extremely competitive and the quality is always great.

The pizzeria also serves beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and is open to serve late-night food. There are small plates available for children and a great atmosphere that is perfect for a family lunch or a casual evening meal.

Pizzeria De Martino Marco – Via Alessandro Poerio, 52.

This classic Neapolitan pizzeria serves excellent pizzas, pasta, seafood and a whole range of delicious Mediterranean dishes, including vegetarian options for non-meat eaters. Serving lunch and dinner each day, if you’re planning a visit it’s definitely worth booking in advance during the busy summer months because it’s a very popular establishment with tourists and locals. You can choose to eat in the restaurant or order a takeaway to eat in the nearby park or take home to enjoy later.

Pizzeria Pellone – Via Nazionale, 93.

This lovely pizzeria has a well-earned reputation for excellent cuisine and traditional wood-fired pizzas. With a charming dining area, the multi-award-winning Pizzeria Pellone was founded in 1960 by Vincenzo Pellone and quickly became a local favorite.

Serving lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, the pizzeria also has healthy eating options on the menu as well as a great wine list, beer and coffee. The family-friendly restaurant is an ideal choice for groups and special occasions in a vintage Neapolitan setting.

Pizzeria Scugnizzo Trattoria – Corso Novara, 15.

Serving pizzas, pasta and Mediterranean cuisine in its lovely indoor dining area and outdoor terrace, the pizzeria is fully wheelchair accessible and offers dine-in and takeaway options. With a special children’s menu and a fun atmosphere, the Pizzeria Scugnizzo Trattoria is a great place to stop off for lunch or dinner during a day of sightseeing in Naples. As well as great food, the pizzeria offers a good selection of wine, beer, alcohol, coffee and a delicious range of desserts.

Franco Gallifuoco Pizzeria – Corso Arnaldo Lucci, 195.

Situated in a quintessential Italian-styled restaurant, the pizzeria serves magnificent wood-fired pizzas and a great range of traditional Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. The pizzeria has a special kid’s menu and offers small plates for younger diners.

There is a braille menu available as well as vegan, vegetarian and healthy eating options. The pizzeria has a fully stocked on-site bar and a delightful wine list, including many top-quality local vintages. Open for lunch and dinner, the pizzeria offers free Wi-Fi if you’d like to check online during your trip to Naples.

La Masardona – Via Guilio Cesare Capaccio, 27.

This laid-back restaurant specializes in deep-fried pizzas and offers a vast choice of savory and sweet toppings and fillings for the crusts. The small establishment is open late at night and serves beer, wine and a limited range of spirits. If you’d like a healthy side dish, there is a large salad bar and a good selection of organic dishes to choose from.

Antica Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Donato.

This friendly trattoria has a fun and lively atmosphere that is always ready to welcome you for pizza, pasta, grilled fish, seafood, meats and lovely side dishes for an unforgettable dinner or lunch. Ideal for a quick bite to eat or a casual dining experience, the Antica Trattoria E Pizzeria Da Donato is a popular traditional restaurant that exemplifies the Neapolitan spirit of hospitality and delicious, down-to-earth cuisine.

Naples – The Birthplace Of The Modern Pizza.

It’s inconceivable to visit Naples without stopping by a local pizzeria! As the city that first invented pizza, the culinary expertise has been passed down through the generations and the top quality pizzas on offer still impress tourists and locals alike.

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