The Most Popular Places For Apericena In Milan


As the evening descends on the beautiful, stylish and fashionable city of Milan, many of the residents start to think about meeting up with friends to enjoy an Apericena. Apericena is a beloved Milanese tradition that combines the best of having an ‘aperitivo’ with a relaxed meal that usually involves picking dishes and delicacies from an all-you-can-eat buffet.

What Is An Apericena?

The word Apericena is made up of the Italian words ‘aperto’ which means ‘to open’ and ‘cena’ which means dinner. Therefore, Apericena involves drinks and food that is not quite a full-blown 3-course meal but is far more substantial than a regular Aperitivo with snacks.

The tradition of Apericena first emerged in the student quarters to cater to the young people who wanted to have drinks with their friends, eat enough food to keep them going for the night and, crucially, not spend an absolute fortune! And so the Apericena was born, serving drinks while offering a large buffet and all for a very reasonable price, rarely costing more than 20 Euros per head.

As well as drinks, an Apericena usually includes salads, crostini, vegetables, pasta, cured meats, risotto and other dishes from which you can mix and match your food. However, even though the tradition started out serving Italian-themed buffets and food with an aperitif, many restaurants and bars in Milan now also serve world cuisine themed Apericena. For example, you can even find Mexican-themed Apericena in Milan today!

Apericena is relatively informal and is a great way to spend some quality time with your friends and family without having to spend a lot of money on a meal in a restaurant. You can sometimes also take advantage of cheap ‘Happy Hour’ drink prices while enjoying the selection of food in the buffet.

The Best Places For Apericena In Milan.

The following are the places that are extremely popular with the locals for an Apericena:

Foresta Woodbar.

Located in the Ticinese district, the Foresta Woodbar has a spectacular interior that is interspersed with plants and bamboo. Open all day and long into the night, the bar hosts a fantastic Apericena that incorporates innovative cocktails, wines and beers and a delicious selection of tasty food, homemade snacks and desserts. Surrounded by this urban forest in the plush interior, you’ll have a great time while savoring the superb food and drinks on offer.

The Foresta Woodbar has indoor and outdoor seating, a daily Happy Hour with special drink prices, an amazing choice of cocktails, wines and beers and a magical atmosphere that you’ll never forget.

Terrazza Duomo 21.

This super chic bar has a stylish interior design and an unforgettable terrace that overlooks the famous Milan Cathedral. Hosting regular DJ nights and music events, Terrazza Duomo 21 is popular with a younger crowd of trend students and professionals who meet to enjoy relaxing in the lounge bar, taking in the view of the cathedral, savoring the nightly Apericena and then dancing the night away!

The bar has a superb selection of cocktails, wines and beers as well as soft drinks and fruit juices while the chef makes an excellent range of snacks, platters to share with friends and even full 3-course meals. If you want to reserve the bar for a special event such as an anniversary, a corporate party or a private dinner, you can order a full banquet for your guests as well as have complete access to the bar during the event.

La Hora Felix.

La Hora Felix is a casual bar with a relaxed atmosphere that serves regular Happy Hour drinks at special prices, including cocktails, as well as an extensive buffet of snacks and light bites. The perfect place to meet up with friends to unwind after a long day at work, the bar has indoor and outdoor seating, superb freshly made food, an excellent cocktail list and a nice selection of beers and wines. The outdoor, on-street seating is ideal for watching the world go by or hanging out in the early evening while enjoying top quality drinks and some light snacks or food.


The BhangraBar has an Indian theme and a stylish, rustic interior design. It runs a hugely popular Happy Hour from 5 pm until 10 pm each night as well as an extensive buffet. The prices are really excellent and hard to beat in the city with a drink and full, unlimited access to the Mediterranean-style buffet costing just 14 Euros per person! The buffet includes delicious pizzas, cold meats, rice dishes, vegetables, bread and snacks. If you’d like a larger drink or extra drinks on top of your first drink, then you will need to pay for that separately at the bar.

The bar has spacious indoor seating and a comfortable outdoor terrace where you can drink and chat with your group until late in the night. As the night progresses the atmosphere becomes more of a party and you can try some of the cocktails that are on offer which include both international favorites as well as unique cocktails that are based on authentic Indian liqueurs.


First opening its doors during the Franco-Austrian war in 1859, Moscatelli is a fantastic bar and an authentic slice of Milanese history. The décor was renovated in the 1950s, so expect a retro theme, but the bar serves all the modern cocktail favorites, beers and wines and the chef puts on a magnificent range of food for Apericena.

The food on offer includes hot pasta dishes, pizza, cold meats, cheeses, bread and much more besides, as well as, of course, cocktails, wines and drinks from the bar. The establishment has indoor and outdoor seating and to make your time even more comfortable there’s table service too. Drinks and food prices are also extremely competitive considering the bar’s city center location.

Yguana Cafe.

Yguana Cafe is a popular bar that offers a massive cocktail list and a fantastic buffet for the perfect Apericena. There’s an amazing range of food that includes hot and cold dishes, finger snacks, desserts and more, and all at amazing prices. For less than 15 Euros you can have a large cocktail of your choice and unlimited access to the Italian-themed buffet for the evening.

There’s indoor and outdoor seating, with an especially lively and fun atmosphere on the outdoor terrace. The bar has an unbeatable range of cocktails, beers, wines and soft drinks and the buffet has plenty of vegetarian options to choose from as well as all the Italian classics you would expect.

La Ringhiera.

Situated right on the Naviglio Grande canal, La Ringhiera, or ‘Railing Pub’, is famous among students and young professionals for being one of the top spots for an Apericena in the city. There’s a great choice of cocktails, beers and wines and a superb buffet that includes appetizers, salads, first courses, main courses, pizzas, pasta and desserts.

The Apericena runs from 3.30 pm until 10.30 pm and with unlimited access to the buffet you’re bound to get your fill while enjoying drinks with your friends. After the buffet closes, at 10.30 pm, you can still order food such as burgers, sandwiches, crepes and chips until late into the night.

One of the most popular features of the bar is the big selection of board games which you can play at your table while eating and drinking in the company of good friends. You can also reserve a private section of the bar for birthday parties, graduations and special events and, when you do, the homemade cake is free!

Spritz Navigli Milano.

This chic bar on the Navigli Grande canal has an interior with fashionable exposed brickwork and piping, comfortable seating, air conditioning, fantastic music and spacious outdoor seating. There’s an excellent choice of cocktails, wines and beers, as well as soft drinks and fruit juices, to get you started and then, each night, there’s a delightful buffet to sample.

The Apericena buffet includes light snacks, appetizers, first courses, second courses, cold meats, cheese, fruits and a finger-licking selection of desserts. Once you’ve had your drinks and buffet you can even order a coffee at the bar before you go home if you’re feeling a bit sleepy.

Maya Cocktail Bar And Restaurant.

If you’re looking for a slightly different Apericena, then the Maya Cocktail Bar and Restaurant serves a delicious Mexican buffet with a wide choice of cocktails, beers and wines to accompany your meal. The bar has a Mayan décor theme and both indoor and outdoor seating, all of which make it a good place to meet up for a drink and food after work.

The Mexican-themed all-you-can-eat buffet contains more than 50 separate courses to try and behind the bar there are over 100 cocktails to choose from during the Apericena. If you haven’t got time to stop at the bar, you can also take away your food to eat later or even order a delivery to your home.

Swami Cafe.

This cocktail bar in the heart of the Porta Romana district has a shabby chic décor with stylish paneled walling, tiled flooring and large black curtains. With outdoor and outdoor seating, during the warmer summer months, the bar’s sidewalk is transformed into an irresistible lounge area where you can enjoy your Apericena in the fresh air.

The bar has an excellent cocktail list and a great choice of local and international wines and beers. You can order food at the bar, including snacks and larger meals and the nightly Happy Hour has some superb deals on drinks. Certainly one of the leading locations for Apericena, everyone living in Milan should pay this unique bar a visit to complete a perfect summer’s evening in the city.


Madeira is a super cool bar that is spread out over two floors and provides an incredibly generous all-you-can-eat buffet for Apericena that includes cold and hot foods. The bar serves a splendid choice of international cocktails, beers and wines and the fun atmosphere is just made to celebrate and let your hair down.

The nightly Happy Hour has great prices and the food is truly exceptional, with a delightful choice of snacks, meals and platters to share with friends. Definitely one of the city’s best-kept secrets, Madeira is a Milanese gem in the rough!

Fonderie Milanesi.

Fonderie Milanesi is an ultra-trendy destination that is decorated with attractive wood ceiling beams and brick walls and has a lovely garden seating area. The bar is well known for its music and great atmosphere while the Apericena is hard to beat. The former foundry has maintained its rough and ready industrial feel but the bar is absolutely modern and up-to-date.

The Apericena includes European and traditional Italian cold and hot food as well as appetizers and platters of snacks to share while the bar has a tempting selection of cocktails to choose from. The buffet also includes plenty of healthy eating options and vegetarian dishes. For less than 20 Euros you can have a free drink and unlimited food at the buffet, making Fonderie Milanesi an outstanding choice for anyone on a budget.


With stunning views of the Castello Sforzesco, Serendepico is a chic and modern bar that has elegant interiors and top quality service. The food for Apericena is world-class and includes sweet, savory, meat, fish and vegetarian options. Meanwhile, you can’t forget the drinks and the bar staff are always on hand to mix up a classic cocktail, serve up a delicious wine or deliver a craft beer to your table.

The bar is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but the Apericena is absolutely unmissable. Serendepico also hosts special events with live pianists and dinner shows, giving local and international musicians a stage to impress you and the other guests. Truly a unique establishment with a superb atmosphere, no trip to Milan would be complete without visiting the Serendepico for Apericena.

Apericena – Discover A Special Milanese Tradition.

After a long day of sightseeing or working in Milan, one of the world’s fashion capitals, there’s no better way to relax and unwind than to swing by a local bar for Apericena. The ideal way to meet up with friends, enjoy great food and savor a couple of cocktails or a glass of wine, Apericena is undoubtedly one of Milan’s most popular traditions.

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