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Wine shop in Milan

Wine shops in Milan play a central role in the social lives of the city’s residents by providing a magnificent selection of local and international labels. They also provide a place to meet up with friends, catch up on community news, have a bite to eat and taste new wines.

In Milan, wine shops are known locally as ‘Enoteca’. Wine shops in Milan often offer far more than a standard off-license in other parts of the West. Wine shops in Milan vary from a simple store that sells carefully selected vintages to establishments that offer free wine tastings and have tables and chairs where you can relax, just like a cafe where people drink wine instead of coffee! Some wine shops also sell food and snacks which customers can pair with their wines or take home to eat later.

Wine shops in Milan are often run in collaboration with regional vineyards and are a popular stop-off for tourists and locals alike. Many wine shops don’t have large in-store stocks and so if you want to order a larger amount of wine then you may need to order in advance.

The Most Popular Wine Shops In Milan.

The following are some of the most popular wine shops in Milan:

Signorvino Milano.

With several stores dotted throughout the city, Signorvino Milano stores have a fantastic atmosphere and a huge selection of wines. Each store has indoor seating and on top of selling wine directly to customers, you can also order home delivery. While you’re in the store you can also order snacks, such as cold meats and cheeses, taste new wines and enjoy a leisurely pre-dinner drink.

Signorvino Milano stores have an in-house waiting staff that is always on hand to offer you tips about the best wines and serve you at your table. There’s a massive range of wines to choose from and prices to suit all budgets.

Vini & Sapori Enoteca.

This beautifully cozy little store has been serving Milanese residents with the finest wines since 1920. Located just a short walk from Milan’s central train station, you can easily pop by on the way home from work or incorporate visiting this legendary store in your sightseeing trip of the city. The store sells top quality wines and spirits as well as gourmet snacks to accompany your wine. The store’s staff are extremely friendly and are always happy to help you select the perfect wine.


Situated just a moment’s walk from the Teatro alla Scala, SENSO is a quintessential Milanese wine shop and despite the minimalist storefront, it holds some real treasures inside. The wines are primarily Italian, with many regional vintages included in its stocks, however, you can also occasionally find the odd label from France and further afield.

When you buy wine from the store you also have the opportunity to learn all about how and where it was made which is always interesting for the true connoisseur. The wines on offer are among the very best in the city although the prices aren’t as steep as you might expect.

Dal 1939 Enoteca Liquoreria.

This family-run wine and liquor store was founded in the late 1930s and has a fantastic selection of wines from all over the world, including, of course, Italy. The store has won numerous awards throughout the years and is famous for sourcing some of the finest regional wines and traditionally made Italian liqueurs. As well as buying individual bottles you can choose from a range of gift boxes, make orders online and book a same day delivery.

Enoteca Lemmallo.

Situated in the heart of Milan’s historic center, just a stone’s throw from the Duomo, Enoteca Lemmallo was founded in 1981 and has a loyal following of local patrons. With over 3,500 unique labels, there’s an eye-watering choice of delicious red and white wines, champagnes and liqueurs from Italy and abroad.

Enoteca Lemmallo has a great atmosphere but if you’d prefer to order from home you can easily book your delivery by calling the shop or visiting the shop’s website. There’s a delightful range of gift-wrapped wines as well if you’re looking for a unique present for someone in your life.

Wine O Clock.

Having opened its doors during the summer of 2006, as Italy won the Soccer World Cup finals, Wine O Clock is still here to help you celebrate the best of Italian wine, dessert wines and champagne. With grapes from Italy, France and Argentina in stock, there’s the perfect wine for every palette just waiting to be discovered.

Grocery Radrizzani.

Founded in 1910, the Grocery Radrizzani has gained a reputation for excellence, providing customers with an outstanding selection of wines from the top wineries in Italy and a personal service that has been handed down through the generations. The store has an amazing range of wines and champagnes but there’s also a good selection of delicacies on offer.

Some of the gourmet foods and delicacies that you buy at the store include chocolates, caviar, pasta, rice, balsamic vinegar, artisan jams, organic cheeses and even some lovely handmade soaps. Essentially, the Grocery Radrizzani is your one-stop shop in Milan for all the fine things in life.

Enoteca perBacco Vino.

As the first bulk wine store in Milan, Enoteca perBacco Vino has the experience and connections to give you great prices on the most spectacular wines in the city. So if you’re planning a party or a special event, then make sure you drop by the store to ask how they can help you source plenty of great wine.

The store’s cellars are full of magnificent wines including many prestigious Italian vintages as well as wines from all over the globe. You can also shop for tasty delicacies including sauces for meats and cheeses, condiments, tasty appetizers, Porcini mushrooms, walnuts, pates, spreads, pastes, pasta sauces, organic jams and honey.

Grancini Roberto Vini.

This small but well-stocked wine store is a must-visit in the city that has an astounding range of red and white wines, sparkling wines and champagnes on offer. So don’t be fooled by the small exterior because inside the wine shop is the equivalent of the legendary Library of Alexandria. The service is great and if you’re looking for a wine to pair with any type of meal the staff have the knowledge and experience to point you in the right direction.

Wines By The Bottlegone.

Wines by The Bottlegone has the widest selection of bulk wines in the city and with such a carefully chosen range of wines from all over Italy, and Europe, you really can’t afford to miss out on it. There are wines from all regions of Italy that are primarily sourced from small producers who make some of the best wines that you won’t find anywhere else. Despite the rare vintages that are on offer the prices won’t break the bank.

Milan’s Wine Stores.

Italy is practically synonymous with superb wine but it’s not always easy to source the best vintages, not only from Italy but also from abroad. However, your local wine shop has already done the hard work for you so you just need to drop by to browse through an astounding range of wine, sparkling wine, champagnes and gourmet delicacies.

When you’re shopping for wine in Milan, it’s worth keeping in mind that many of the best wine shops are very traditional and have not created websites or an online store. This means that in many cases you’ll have to visit the store in person but the great atmosphere, the helpful staff and unique vintages on offer make the trip more than worth it.

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