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Entry Level Jobs Italy

Milan is Italy’s most cosmopolitan city and one of the world’s fashion capitals. The chic lifestyle, restaurants and cultural attractions all make it one of the best cities to live in for Expats looking for work in the country.

Many people who are considering moving to Italy are nervous about the prospects of finding a job to support themselves while living in the country. However, of the nearly 4 million foreigners who are registered with the Italian social security agency around 3.3 million are currently employed.

This shows that it’s very possible to find a job in Italy and with the right information and some forward planning you’ll be able to make a smooth transition to your new life in Milan.

The following are some of the best jobs for Expats in Milan:

Teaching English In Milan.

As an English speaker you can easily find work teaching in Milan. There’s a good demand in Milan for teachers on a full or part time basis as well as for shorter contracts working with the private summer schools for several months of the year.

There are also more than 20 international schools that teach bilingually or entirely in English. Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can work as a private language tutor on a one on one basis.

Advantages Of Teaching English.

  • Teaching offers flexible hours. You can work on a full time or part-time basis with a school. On the other hand, if you work as a private tutor you can choose your own hours to suit your financial and scheduling requirements.
  • There is a high level of demand for English teachers in the Milanese schools as well as with individuals and private companies.
  • You can choose to teach any age group ranging from kindergarten to high school or adults.
  • Teaching in Milan is fairly well paid and averages at around 30,000 Euros per year although if you work with private companies you can earn significantly more than this.

Disadvantages Of Teaching English.

  • To be a teacher you need a unique personal and professional skill set which means that the job doesn’t suit everyone.
  • You’re unlikely to find work in one of the Italian state schools without obtaining a license and completing a government run training course.

Requirements For Teaching English.

In order to teach English in Milan you will need the right formal qualifications. These usually include but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor’s Degree.
  • An internationally recognized teaching qualification such as a TEFL, CELTA or DELTA certificate.
  • Previous teaching experience will increase your chances of finding work.

To get in contact with an international school in Milan you can browse the complete list at the International Schools Database. Alternatively, you can directly contact one of Milan’s main English language schools including British School Group, Wall Street English, My English School.

Work As A Tour Guide.

Milan is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the European continent and hosts more than 8 million visitors each year. Most of the tourists don’t speak Italian and so there’s plenty of demand for English speaking tour guides. As a tour guide you can show tourists around the city and it’s major attractions while earning a good living.

Advantages Of Working As A Tour Guide.

  • As a tour guide you’ll have the opportunity to explore the city’s 2500 years of history, culture and heritage.
  • If you enjoy meeting new people and helping them have a great time on their holiday then working as tour guide is a wonderful job to do while you’re in Milan.
  • There’s a lot to see in Milan so you won’t find yourself getting bored!
  • You’ll be working in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Disadvantages Of Working As A Tour Guide.

  • It’s quite hard to be a tour guide so you’ll have to be physically fit and able to be on your feet for long stretches of time.
  • Before you can start working as an official tour guide you need to obtain a license and pass a few exams to test your knowledge of the city.

Requirements For Becoming A Tour Guide.

Since you need to pass exams to qualify as a tour guide you may want to consider enrolling for a tour guide course. This is not essential but it will show you are keen to work as a tour guide and will boost your chances of being accepted for a job.

You will also need to get a license which can be difficult because there’s usually quite a lot of competition. You may also need to be able to speak basic Italian with some tour guiding companies.

There’s plenty of useful information about all aspects of working as a tour guide on the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations website.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to work for an established company then you can start your tour guide business in Milan.

Work In Hospitality.

The hospitality industry in Milan is a huge sector that provides services for locals, businesses and tourists throughout the year. Many companies, hotels, resorts and venues are constantly on the lookout for English speaking staff to interface with foreign visitors.

There’s a huge range of jobs that you can do in hospitality which include waiters, bar staff, concierges, hosts, people who meet and greet, kitchen staff, managers and much more besides! If you have an interest in wine you can even work as a sommelier in one of the city’s international hotels.

Advantages Of Working In Hospitality.

  • There’s a huge number of hospitality jobs in Milan, particularly near major tourist attractions.
  • You don’t need any special training to work in hospitality. A ‘can do’ attitude, good people skills and a friendly nature is all that is required!
  • There’s plenty of scope to progress and be promoted if you decide to pursue a long term career in hospitality.

Disadvantages Of Working In Hospitality.

  • You will probably need to learn conversational Italian to work in hospitality because some of the customers and guests might not speak English.

Requirements For Working In Hospitality.

The skills, experience and knowledge that you’ll need will depend entirely on the position that you’re applying for. If you want to explore some of the positions that are currently available in Milan you can visit the Hosco website, one of the city’s main hospitality job sites.

Work In The Fashion Industry.

Milan is one of the world’s premier fashion cities and is home to some of the most famous global brands including Prada, Gucci and Versace, to name just a few! The fashion industry is always wanting to hire English speakers because the market and their customers are largely international. This is especially true at major events like the Milan Fashion Week where many of the visitors don’t speak Italian at all.

Advantages Of Working In Fashion.

  • If you have a passion for fashion and want to build a career in the industry then gaining experience in Milan would be invaluable.
  • There’s lots of jobs at all levels of the industry.
  • Working in fashion is extremely glamorous and you’ll meet plenty of celebrities and other well known personalities.

Disadvantages Of Working In Fashion.

  • You will have to work long hours if you want to progress in the competitive industry.

Requirements For Working in Fashion.

Any previous experience in the industry will help you to secure a job. Formal training at university or college in either fashion or design will look great on your resume. You’ll also have to be determined, good at networking and ready to work hard to succeed in the industry and be able to take advantage of chance meetings that might come your way.

Work In The Food Industry.

Italy is renowned for its superb cuisine in general but if you really want to dive into the culture you could work as a pizza maker! Not only will you be able to eat all the pizza that you could ever want to but you’ll also learn an amazing skill that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Advantages Of Working In The Food Industry.

  • Surprisingly, there’s a major shortage of pizza makers in Milan so you should find it fairly easy to land a job.
  • A truly unique way to experience an authentic part of Italian culture.
  • You’ll learn a fantastic new skill.
  • Since there’s a lot of vacancies for pizza makers you could find a job quickly if you’ve just arrived in the city.

Disadvantages Of Working In The Food Industry.

  • The hours that you’ll have to work are notoriously long and so the job can be quite physically demanding.

Requirements For Working In The Food Industry.

You don’t need any specific skills because you can learn on the job. However, you can get official training by enrolling on a pizzaiolo course. If you want to get the very best training in both the theoretical and practical aspects of pizza making then you could take a 3 week course at the International School of Italian Cuisine (ICIF).

This is one of the best pizza making courses in the country and the school is located just two hours drive to the south west of central Milan. Alternatively, if you don’t have a car then you can catch a train which will take you about 3 hours to reach the school.

How To Find A Job In Milan.

Milan is a bustling metropolis and although it’s teeming with business and commerce it can be a little daunting to find a job once you’ve arrived. However, just like elsewhere in the world you’ll need to be persistent in your search for work and be ready to try new things if necessary!

One of the best ways to find a job in Milan if you have friends and contacts in the city is by word of mouth or recommendations. Even if your contacts don’t know of any current vacancies you can still ask them to keep you in mind if they do hear about an opening.

Best Online Resources For Finding A Job In Milan.

  • Internations – A useful forum where Expats discuss opportunities and job openings in Milan. The community is very helpful and responsive to questions and queries that you might have.
  • Jobs in Milan – This is a site that lists senior and management vacancies in Milan. The search feature is not always completely accurate but it still compiles an excellent range of current job opportunities in Milan and further afield.
  • Indeed – One of the best job sites for jobs in Milan. There’s an excellent range of jobs that are posted each day and are suitable for all levels of experience.

Have You Considered Setting Up Your Own Business In Milan?

If you don’t want to work for an established company then you can set up your own business in Milan. There is going to be some red tape and bureaucracy to navigate before you can get started but to find out what you’ll need to do to comply with the law you can visit the Milan Chamber of Commerce.

Does Italy Have A High Rate Of Unemployment?

It’s well known in Europe that Italy has a relatively high rate of unemployment. The unemployment rate in Italy currently hovers around the 10% mark. This can be very off putting if you’re considering a move to the country but there’s actually a steady demand for foreigner workers, particularly if they speak English.

Demand for English speaking foreigner workers is highest in cities such as Milan which is a hub of fashion, finance, language schools and hospitality. This means that there are plenty of opportunities in a wide range of roles for Expats living in the city.

Working In Milan Is Exciting And Fulfilling.

Living and working in Milan will be one of the best experiences of your life! The chic, fashion hub of Italy is a wonderful place to live and has far more job opportunities for Expats than almost anywhere else in the country.

You can really throw yourself into Italian culture by working in Milan and if you work hard there’s plenty of chances for promotion and career progression. Having international work experience will also look fantastic on your resume if you do decide to return home in the future.

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